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Simultech’s Climatic Test Chambers; helping guarantee your products won’t fail

in by Simultech Australia Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Seasonal differences and different climatic zones – your products must be able to withstand a variety of temperatures, humidities, altitudes and other conditions during manufacturing, transport, storage and use. This is particularly the case for products used by Defence, as a manufacturer of high-tech products, you simply can’t afford t...

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Volvo Penta launches IMO Tier III concept for D8 engines

in by Volvo Penta Oceania 0 Reviews

Designed for heavy duty propulsion and genset applications, Volvo Penta has revealed a D8 engine and after treatment system that meets the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III at the Nor-Shipping international exhibition and conference in Norway. Volvo Penta is launching a new D8 engine and after-treatment concept to comply with th...

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RF-over-Fibre Series – the future of data transmission for defence

in by HUBER+SUHNER (Australia) Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

The RF-over-Fibre Series delivers all of the benefits of fibre optics in a traditional RF link. With our wide range of products and features, which include 40 GHz, low noise, WDM and optically switched solutions, HUBER+SUHNER has fast established itself as a leader in the RF-over-Fibre market. Safety of military personnel and improving the secur...

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Precision Technic Defence and MyDefence: counter drone solutions for the war fighter

in by Precision Technic Defence Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Precision Technic Defence has partnered with Danish company MyDefence to provide solutions for counter drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS). By having a wearable solution, the soldier can get on with the mission at hand without having to put down his weapon or take his eyes off the terrain ahead. Designed to be used in conjunction with the My...

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Pyrotek Military Vehicle Solutions presents high temperature thermal jackets

in by Pyrotek 0 Reviews

With over 30 years proven success, internationally certified products. Pyrotek offer a wealth of experience in advanced soundproofing and thermal isolation systems. Protection ideal for extreme conditions and high temperature applications -   Simple to use, uniquely designed thermal covers are customised to mechanics of vehicles and mach...

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Warren & Brown Technologies: Harsh environment fibre optic connectivity

in by Warren & Brown Technologies Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) is an engineering and manufacturing company that takes pride in developing solutions for challenging environments and helping our customers set up high-quality fibre and data facilities. We offer a range of expanded beam connectors that have been designed to the latest MIL requirements and engineered for harsh ...

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RS Pro: The Engineers choice, trusted by professionals all around the world

in by RS Components Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

When timing and quality matters, RS Pro puts you in control with over 50,000 industrial parts to cover your every need. RS PRO is the only global brand offering parts for every engineering and mechanical need with the quality and great value you expect. Our high-quality own label range offers the latest technologies at affordable prices and we&r...

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JANUS; Proven, Versatile and Safe Breacher’s Tool

in by MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd 0 Reviews

The JANUS system enables breaching teams to conduct single or collective shock tube initiations over short range, or manually, and supports fast stowage to deployment times for critical EMOE through simple setup, no extraneous wires and use of a push to secure shock tube connector. JANUS therefore provides breacher’s with an enhanced operatio...

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XTEK presents XTatlas: Generate digital maps and 3D models in minutes from your Tactical Drone

in by XTEK Ltd 0 Reviews

With the emergence of tactical Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) on the battlefield, data in the tactical digital domain is being developed at unprecedented and rapidly increasing rates. For soldiers and commanders in the field, this means that the technological burden on them is greater than ever. Without a means to exploit live data from multi...

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RADOX® MFH: the new standard in marine cabling

in by HUBER+SUHNER (Australia) Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Lowest weight and less space requirement Up to 60% weight and 70% space reduction is the result of the light-weight cable design. This leads to several 10.000USD in structural design savings. Lowest installation time RADOX® MFH is proven to have 60% less stripping time compared to today’s offshore cables. This results in many day...

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