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Why to make upskilling with Outsource Institute (AUS) a part of your strategic plan

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Education enables upward socio-economic mobility, and the message has never been clearer companies should start reskilling their workforces now! Outsource Institute (AUS) has been involved in the education sector for several decades, which is why we have strong knowledge around what funding businesses may be eligible for to upskill their workforces...

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Werlatone defence CIS solutions offered by AJ Distributors

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Werlatone supports Military Communications, EW, & Radar Systems from DC to X-Band. Our RF solutions support a variety of platforms including fixed, airborne, ground mobile, shipboard, as well as space applications.  Werlatone’s new E-Plane Combiner architecture is ideally suited for emerging High CW Power/High Duty Cycle Solid Sta...

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Wireless communications technologies from ACE Communications

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ACE is Australia’s premier “Value Added Distributor” with a dedicated staff possessing over 207 years of wireless communications technologies expertise. ACE represents the top brands in the industry, such as Motorola Solutions, SAVOX, Entel, and more. We offer sales and support of Motorola two-way radio accessories and body ...

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We are Industry 4.0

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Business management systems are more important than ever in providing assurance in the defence supply chain.  Quality, safety, environmental and information security management systems are vital to safeguarding the delivery of what is promised each and every time - responsibly, consistently and with the mindset of continual improvement. i40...

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Warren & Brown Technologies: Harsh environment fibre optic connectivity

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Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) is an engineering and manufacturing company that takes pride in developing solutions for challenging environments and helping our customers set up high-quality fibre and data facilities. We offer a range of expanded beam connectors that have been designed to the latest MIL requirements and engineered for harsh ...

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