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TH secure boxes for your highly classified assets

in by Secure Hard Drive Destruction Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

SCEC Endorsed Packaging - for highly classified asset Transportation & Storage Fit for purpose this proprietary SCEC Endorsed packaging solution is both a unique product and process; ensuring cost reductions and security requirements are met for highly classified disposal environments (packaging, transport, storage and destruction, from BIL ...

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ATOM: the team behind the teams driving industry In Australia

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ATOM is Australia’s fastest growing industrial and safety supplier. With a national network of unique walkthrough warehouses with more than 35,000m2 of distribution capacity, access to over 1 million industrial, MRO and safety products from all the leading brands. ATOM delivers more than 275,000 parcels a year to all corners of Australia. But...

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Werlatone defence CIS solutions offered by AJ Distributors

in by AJ Distributors 0 Reviews

Werlatone supports Military Communications, EW, & Radar Systems from DC to X-Band. Our RF solutions support a variety of platforms including fixed, airborne, ground mobile, shipboard, as well as space applications.  Werlatone’s new E-Plane Combiner architecture is ideally suited for emerging High CW Power/High Duty Cycle Solid Sta...

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JANUS: Proven, versatile and safe breacher’s tool

in by MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd 0 Reviews

The JANUS system enables breaching teams to conduct single or collective shock tube initiations over short range, or manually, and supports fast stowage to deployment times for critical EMOE through simple setup, no extraneous wires and use of a push to secure shock tube connector. JANUS therefore provides breacher’s with an enhanced opera...

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The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System; award winning infrastructure to support defence operations

in by Humanihut Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (“HFIS”) provides climate-controlled comfort for communications, recreational/mess, storage, and accommodation/living facilities to support defence personnel.   Humanihut is a multi-award winning Australian company.  Founded on the co...

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Sovereign level sensor and alarm solutions for defence

in by Innovec Controls Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Level alarms are found in tanks of all types but particularly in fuel storage tanks as they provide the user with a clear indication of the amount of contained material. The alarm can be triggered when either the tank is almost full or almost empty. For instance, when your car presents you with the low fuel light on the dashb...

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LEGEAR introduces German engineered Ghosthood Concamo to its tactical range

in by LEGEAR 0 Reviews

GHOSTHOOD CONCAMO | NEXT GENERATION CAMOUFLAGE Ghosthood is a German based designer and manufacturer of personal camouflage equipment, owned, and operated by German Military personnel with a wealth of experience in surveillance and reconnaissance. Ghosthood provides some of the most lightweight, packable, versatile, and effective camouflage...

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Wireless communications technologies from ACE Communications

in by Astra Communication Solutions 0 Reviews

ACE is Australia’s premier “Value Added Distributor” with a dedicated staff possessing over 207 years of wireless communications technologies expertise. ACE represents the top brands in the industry, such as Motorola Solutions, SAVOX, Entel, and more. We offer sales and support of Motorola two-way radio accessories and body ...

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SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro at All Sat Communications

in by All Sat Communications 0 Reviews

The SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro operates in the 406MHz satellite band. This band comprises the international distress frequencies that are constantly monitored by Cospas-Sarsat, the international search and rescue satellite operator, ensuring a rapid response when a signal is received, no matter where it is in the world. As the world’s most compact Em...

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ADA (Australian Defence Apparel) launches digital capability showcase

in by Australian Defence Apparel Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

ADA’s capability showcase highlights a complete suite of the most innovative and human-centred apparel systems. Explore the online showcase further to view the collection ADA has released across Defence, Law Enforcement, Healthcare and Fire & Rescue. The 160-page document covers a range of next-generation uniforms, body armour and l...

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