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Experience the pinnacle of high-density fibre solutions for defence applications with IntelliFOX

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Introducing the IntelliFOX solution—an exceptional high-density offering tailored for your defence applications. Our solution stands out with its modular and scalable deployment, accommodating an impressive up to 144 fibres per rack unit (RU). With meticulous attention to cost efficiency, we have optimised the total cost of ownership (TCO)...

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Ensure resilience across multi-domain operations with Calnex network emulators

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Presented by CoverTel - Your Trusted Ally The success of military operations depends on the ability to successfully share data across various domains including land, air, sea, space and cyberspace. As such, Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) are emerging as a critical component in achieving effective decision-making and mission execution. So, it ...

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Empowering Defence Supply Chains: trade & technical training for talent attraction and retention

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Education for upward socio-economic mobility has always been crucial, but in 2023, the message is clearer than ever: Companies must start reskilling their workforces now to stay competitive in the current landscape. Outsource Institute (AUS), with decades of experience in the education sector, is well-equipped to help businesses access funding opti...

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EYLEX introduces soldier worn integrated power equipment system [SWIPES]

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SWIPES is a soldier worn flexible power distribution system that utilises a central hub to distribute power from commonly used military batteries through a trickle charge to most individually worn equipment.  This allows for the most efficient use of power and decreases the weight a soldier must carry by virtually eliminating the need to carry...

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