About Us

Australasia’s oldest and most prestigious defence directory.

The Australian + New Zealand Defence Directory is the definitive, original capability guide for defence and defence industry Primes in both Australia and in New Zealand.



The Directory emerged from within (the precursor to) the Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG/DMO) back in 1974.

The document is far and away the largest existing repository of Australasian defence industry capability and is distributed widely across CASG (including direct into the SPOs), Defence Science & Technology Group, Estate & Infrastructure Group, CIOG (Defence ICT), Strategy Group,  Joint Logistics, Forces Command, Navy Capability and Base Command in Australia.


In New Zealand we are connected throughout Ministry of Defence (MoD) Acquisitions, across NZDF (particularly Capability Branch and Defence Logistics) and Defence Commercial Services.


We are also well integrated with all relevant SME representative organisations including  AIDN and the ADA which are both close strategic partners.

Circulation and Connection

4,000 directories + 4,000 CD-ROM e-Books (annually produced) with an online platform connected directly to the DPN (defence server) in Australia along with the NZ equivalent.


We also supply offer direct connection with the server and supply environments of over 50 of the major defence industry Primes.