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Charting new horizons: enhancing Defence and Marine operations with Chesterton's solutions

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From its humble beginnings serving steamships on the Boston waterfront, Chesterton has been a trusted partner in the defence and marine industry for over a century. As the sector faces new environmental regulations and evolving challenges, Chesterton offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, reliability, and safety...

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Diamond Defence’s MilSpec expanded beam fibre optic connectors

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Diamond Defence’s Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connectors are designed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-83526/20 & /21 Military Specifications. Expanded Beam fibre optic connectors are designed to operate in harsh environments, they use non-physical contact fibre optic termini that are fully sealed behind an anti-reflective coated ball le...

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Saab’s Australian Combat Management System

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The Australian Combat Management System (AusCMS) from Saab Australia is the nation’s most capable maritime CMS. It is used across the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) fleet, providing a command and control and situational awareness system on Australian warships. Saab undertook a successful technology transfer from 1988 of our Swedish 9LV CMS to...

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Portable Hi-Gain UHF SATCOM Antenna

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The SAT-MP-320 UHF MUOS SATCOM Manpack Antenna is a High-Gain portable UHS SATCOM Antenna intended to enable critical communications for forward combat and disaster response personnel. This lightweight powerful antenna is the fastest & easiest portable UHF SATCOM Antenna to deploy on the market today, weighing in at an astonishing 3kg for ea...

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Click Bond’s solutions pave the way for new innovation in design, assembly and MRO

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Click Bond’s adhesive-bonded mounts offer enhanced design flexibility for routing of systems and protective blankets in both new construction and retrofit applications. Bonded attachment eliminates drilling and the resulting compromises to structural integrity, cost, and restrictions arising from stress considerations.     ...

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Allship Engineering: your defence ship repair partner

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Allship provides mechanical fitting, rigging, insulation, import and export services, as well as a variety of other relevant services through a network of sovereign Subcontractors. Allship maintains contractual relationships with repair agents throughout Australia and abroad in the manufacturing, installation, and repair of Defence parts and compon...

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Amiga Engineering: Engineering solutions to empower your ideas

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In Military, developing the right equipment can be a matter of life and death. Additive Manufacturing, or Metal & Polymer 3D Printing, offers swift production that allows rapid and enhanced testing; to deliver more reliable components that can be used in any military application.           ...

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ATOM: the team behind the teams driving industry In Australia

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ATOM is Australia’s fastest growing industrial and safety supplier. With a national network of unique walkthrough warehouses with more than 35,000m2 of distribution capacity, access to over 1 million industrial, MRO and safety products from all the leading brands. ATOM delivers more than 275,000 parcels a year to all corners of Australia. But...

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Indra's long range tactical radar, the Lanza Radar LTR-25

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The LTR-25 is a state-of-the-art, full solid-state three dimensional (3D) long range radar developed by Indra, which incorporates years of experience together with the latest technological advances. Lanza Radar LTR-25 It also includes an Identifier Friend or Foe and Secondary Surveillance Radar (IFF/SSR), capable of providing target identific...

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MTRRS (Mobile Tactical Retail Refuelling System) – Sovereign bulk liquid transport solutions for defence applications

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Designed and manufactured in Australia, the MTRRS range of retail portable tank solutions provide a robust and compact option for liquid transportation and retail distribution. The design remains bespoke, with the ability to be modified to suit our clients desired outcome. Available in multiple capability of liquid, including but not limited to ...

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