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JANUS; Proven, Versatile and Safe Breacher’s Tool

in by MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd 0 Reviews

The JANUS system enables breaching teams to conduct single or collective shock tube initiations over short range, or manually, and supports fast stowage to deployment times for critical EMOE through simple setup, no extraneous wires and use of a push to secure shock tube connector. JANUS therefore provides breacher’s with an enhanced operatio...

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XTEK presents XTatlas: Generate digital maps and 3D models in minutes from your Tactical Drone

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With the emergence of tactical Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) on the battlefield, data in the tactical digital domain is being developed at unprecedented and rapidly increasing rates. For soldiers and commanders in the field, this means that the technological burden on them is greater than ever. Without a means to exploit live data from multi...

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RADOX® MFH: the new standard in marine cabling

in by HUBER+SUHNER (Australia) Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Lowest weight and less space requirement Up to 60% weight and 70% space reduction is the result of the light-weight cable design. This leads to several 10.000USD in structural design savings. Lowest installation time RADOX® MFH is proven to have 60% less stripping time compared to today’s offshore cables. This results in many day...

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HYDAC’s cutting edge operator interfaces for mobile machines

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HYDAC / TTControl's HY-eVision² product family sets new standards for an operator interface with respect to maximum resolution, programmability with CODESYS® 3.x, and user friendliness, for example through the ability to display and create PDF® documents. The modularly designed operator terminals are available in a large 10...

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Marine Equipment International has all your marine equipment and accessories covered

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MEI – Marine Equipment International Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated business. Operating from 29-33 Lisbon Street, Fairfield NSW, MEI was established in 1984 and has a long and enviable record of supplying quality products to the Marine (both Defence and Commercial), Commercial Industrial, Offshore, Energy, Mining and Engineering ...

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Axalta demonstrates its military coatings capability in partnership with Rheinmetall

in by Axalta Coating Systems Australia Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

In early 2018, Axalta hosted Rheinmetall Defence Australia, to learn more about the company’s plans to establish a national military vehicle industry in Australia. This event included a hands-on demonstration of their Boxer CRV. Axalta’s customers, plus a network of local suppliers were briefed on the importance of establishing stron...

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Pyrotek Military Vehicle Solutions presents high temperature thermal jackets

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With over 30 years proven success, internationally certified products. Pyrotek offer a wealth of experience in advanced soundproofing and thermal isolation systems. Protection ideal for extreme conditions and high temperature applications -   Simple to use, uniquely designed thermal covers are customised to mechanics of vehicles and mach...

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Amiga Metal 3D; your cutting-adge 3D metal solution

in by Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

In defence engineering, developing the right equipment is a matter of life and death. Additive Manufacturing, or Metal 3D Printing, offers swift prototype production that allows rapid and enhanced testing; to deliver more reliable military components. Additive Manufacturing allows the creation of parts in a matter of hours, allowing military equ...

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Codan Radio Communications delivers robust military comms solutions

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Codan’s tactical product range includes Sentry-H, Sentry-V and the Patrol 2110M Manpack. Codan is continuing to expand their offering to military customers through investment in the 9300 antenna series and partnering with other agencies to deliver robust military communications solutions. Sentry-H provides users with a Military HF 150W rad...

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Bruck delivers leading innovative technical textile solutions to the ADF

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Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform (AMCU) The AMCU, launched in September 2014, was developed by Bruck in collaboration with the Department of Defence and DSTG (Defence Science and Technology Group). AMCU fabric is a multi-terrain capable camouflage for land close combat operations, all other land operations, field training, as well as a dre...

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