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Dynamic. Excellence – worldwide. Over 150 years tradition, precision as well as technological leadership in machine tool building. DMG MORI continues to develop positively – technologically, structurally, and culturally.

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Unit 6, 287 Victoria Rd



Australia - 2116

Phone : + 1300 457 124
Fax : +61 2 9638 6111
Mail : [email protected]
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DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools. Our integrated automation, digitization and sustainability solutions broaden the company’s core business of turning and milling machines, advanced technologies (Ultrasonic, Lasertec) and additive manufacturing. Our customer-oriented services over the course of a machine tool’s entire lifecycle include training, repair, maintenance, and spare parts service.

The success of our “Global One Company” is won by around 12,000 employees worldwide. With 138 sales and service locations — including 15 production plants — we are globally present and deliver to over 100,000 customers from 54 industries in 86 countries.

Responding to customer needs with accuracy and speed.

In an effort to develop machines that are accurate, robust, durable and easy-to-use, DMG MORI makes full use of technologies, networks and databases accumulated in the company over its history. We respond to ever-evolving customer demand by combining cultural advantages of our employees: the German’s ability to develop a grand design and their daringness, as well as the Japanese’s delicate and meticulous craftsmanship. Upon receiving requests from customers, we incorporate them swiftly to our product development.

Providing the same high-quality products across the world.

Our highly sophisticated technologies ensure high productivity and efficiency. We incorporate the voice of our customers all over the world into our product development and make improvements day by day in pursuit of higher quality. Furthermore, we deliver safe and reliable products that have passed our strict quality inspections to the world. DMG MORI facilitates digital factory, which is the concept of industry 4.0 and Connected Industries, to increase work efficiency.

Providing optimal solutions for customers.

DMG MORI’s highly skilled engineers stationed in 154 locations in 43 countries offer the same high-quality services to customers around the world. They provide full support throughout the entire process, from technical proposal to quotation, contract, acceptance test, delivery, and final acceptance. DMG MORI’s extensive global network enables coordinated and prompt support for multinational projects by providing expertise from engineering departments across the group to customers who operate businesses in a variety of regions, industries, and size.

Offering solutions to all production and technical issues.

DMG MORI’s machining experts, design machining processes and carry out tests based on the voice of the customers to meet their “time” and “accuracy” requirements. We study and pursue the best solution for them, exchanging opinions among engineering, sales, and development divisions across the world. We are also willing to respond to any questions from customers such as whether their machining process and choice of machines match the needs of the times and the market. We will continuously strive to quickly provide customers with the best solutions to various issues by sharing the accumulated knowledge and experience of our machining experts.

Providing support for customers’ stable production.

Customer can use machine tools between 10 to 20 years, so it is important for us to build a strong and long-term partnership with them. Our service engineers with advanced skills provide the same high-quality service around the word, including prompt on-site repair and parts shipment, to ensure that our machines can always deliver the best performance at the customers’ shop floor.


No of Employees : 24
ACN : 140 655 554
ABN : 22 140 655 554
Year of Establishment : 2009

Key Personnel

Managing Director:  Paul McDermott
Service Manager:  Glen Dawson


DMG MORI Australia

Sydney Office:
Unit 6, 287 Victoria Rd,
Rydalmere, NSW 2116

Contact Australia: 1300 457 124
Contact New Zealand: +64 8 0027 1010

Melbourne Office:
Unit 6, 6 Garden Rd
Clayton, VIC 3168

Contact Australia: 1300 457 124
Contact New Zealand: +64 8 0027 1010

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