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Advanced Navigation’s Boreas D90 delivers ultra-accurate assured PNT

by Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd on 24/08/2023 2:34 AM

Advanced Navigation,Boreas

The Boreas D90 is a strategic-grade INS that delivers assured PNT with its ability to rapidly acquire and then maintain ultra-accurate heading and orientation in any environment.

The Boreas D90 combines proven, world-first, closed-loop Digital Fibre Optic Gyroscope (DFOG) with accelerometer technologies and a dual antenna RTK GNSS receiver*. These are coupled in a unique AI-driven sensor fusion algorithm that outperforms traditional Kalman filters to provide ultra-accurate and reliable navigation.

The patented DFOG technology, developed over 25 years with two research institutions, provides breakthrough capabilities by combining specially designed optical coils with unique advanced spread spectrum digital modulation techniques. This delivers increased accuracy while also reducing size, weight and power requirements.

Boreas D90

  • Accuracy and stability
    • 0.01 ° seclat heading (without GNSS or magnetometers)
    • 0.005 o roll and pitch
    • 0.001 °/hr bias instability (gyroscope)
    • 0.006 ° heading (dual GNSS, 1m separation)
    • RAIM technology
    • 1000 Hz output rate
  • North-seeking gyrocompass
    • 2 minutes (coarse)
    • 10 minutes (fine, typical)
    • Effective in static and dynamic conditions and at high latitudes
    • No GNSS or magnetometer input required
  • Rugged reliability
    • 70,000 hrs MTBF
    • IP67 ingress protection
    • Designed and tested to relevant MIL standards
    • Integrated health monitoring and instability prevention
  • Multi Protocol Support
    • Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS422 and GPIOs
    • NMEA, CANopen, NTP, PTP and proprietary protocols
    • Full user access to all internal functions and data
  • Internal storage
    • Up to 1 year of data logging
  • SWaP (size, weight and power)
    • 140 x 160 x 116 mm (w x d x h)
    • 2.5 kg
    • 10 W (without GNSS), 12 W (with GNSS)
  • ITAR free

For more information on the Boreas D Series INS solutions, please visit https://www.advancednavigation.com/inertial-navigation-systems/fog-gnss-ins/boreas?utm_source=anzdefencedirectory&utm_medium=online-ads&utm_campaign=23-24-FOG-ongoing 

Advanced Navigation also offers the Boreas A Series. These are Digital FOG IMU/AHRS solutions for applications that do not require an internal GNSS receiver. For more details, please visit https://www.advancednavigation.com/solutions?utm_source=anzdefencedirectory&utm_medium=online-ads&utm_campaign=23-24-FOG-ongoing#FOG-IMU/AHRS