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CoverTel is your trusted Australian provider of innovative telecom solutions from world-leading manufacturers like Calnex, VIAVI, ADVA. Empowering you to enhance your defence communication seamlessly.

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114 Bakehouse Rd



Australia - 3031

Phone : + 61 3 9381 7888
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Reliable and uninterrupted communication is critical for mission success especially in the defence sector. However, finding a provider that truly understands the unique requirements of the Australian Defence Force can be a challenge.

Downtime and inefficient systems can have a detrimental impact on operational efficiency and outcomes. Many companies fall short in meeting the expectations and priorities of the defence sector, hindering defence communication capabilities.

At CoverTel, we are the trusted Australian provider with over two decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. We have played a key role in transforming the country’s communications landscape with equipment and systems solutions deployed in various applications, including telecom, rail, energy, utility, oil, mining and gas, media and broadcast, aerospace, aviation, and defence to wireless, RF and mobile telecommunication networks. 

With our extensive industry knowledge, we possess a deep understanding of the defence sector's expectations and priorities. This understanding empowers us to effectively support the Australian Defence Force in meeting their unique communication requirements.

Our range of innovative telecom solutions, sourced from world-leading manufacturers such as Calnex Solutions, ADVA, VIAVI Solutions, Netscout Systems, Narda Safety Test Solutions and more, is specifically designed to enhance defence communication seamlessly. From advanced test equipment and data communications solutions to top-tier timing and frequency equipment and network synchronization technology, we provide the essential tools for seamless communication in defence operations. Our expertise extends to communication network testing and analysis, robust monitoring systems, and advanced remote sensing solutions. With our tailored approach, we address the unique needs of defence operations, delivering the latest technologies to support your mission-critical objectives.

Through open lines of communication and close collaboration, we develop customized solutions that align with your specific goals and objectives. Our commitment goes beyond providing telecom solutions - we also focus on implementing productivity and efficiency improvements to ensure the highest level of service quality for Defence.

With CoverTel as your dedicated partner, you can have confidence in our customer-centric approach. We prioritize your requirements, exceed your expectations, and contribute to the strength and efficiency of your telecommunication infrastructure. Let us empower your defence communication objectives and drive successful mission outcomes together.

To take the next step towards enhanced defence communication, contact us today for a consultation or visit our website to learn more. CoverTel – your technology partner delivering unparalleled telecom solutions that propel your defence operations forward.

No of Employees : 10
ACN : 101 910 981
ABN : 85 372 875 466
Year of Establishment : 2002
Post Box Number : 553
Post Box Zip Code : 3051
Post Box Locality : North Melbourne
Post Box Region : VIC

Key Personnel

Director:  John Iacovangelo
National Sales Manager:  Mark Annakin

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