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Experience the pinnacle of high-density fibre solutions for defence applications with IntelliFOX

by ANZIDECC Directory on 31/07/2023 8:56 AM

Warren & Brown Technologies,IntelliFOX,Optical Distribution Frame

Introducing the IntelliFOX solution—an exceptional high-density offering tailored for your defence applications. Our solution stands out with its modular and scalable deployment, accommodating an impressive up to 144 fibres per rack unit (RU).

With meticulous attention to cost efficiency, we have optimised the total cost of ownership (TCO), ensuring our solution delivers maximum value. Premium cable management and user-friendly features are embedded within our solution, addressing the specific demands of high-density deployments.

At the core of our solution lies the Optical Distribution Frame (ODF), designed to house up to 5,184 LC fibres within a compact 300mm deep footprint. This extraordinary capacity enables efficient space utilization while maintaining impeccable fibre management standards.

We understand the criticality of effective use of floor space and cable ducts in high-density deployments. Therefore, our solution offers superior fibre optic cable management, protection, and security, catering precisely to the rigorous requirements of defence applications.

Our commitment to delivering excellence is exemplified by our emphasis on premium cable management and usability. This not only ensures the streamlined operation of your defence infrastructure but also presents a compelling cost-effective choice. With our solution, you can rely on a seamless, efficient, and reliable fibre management system.

To explore the possibilities and benefits of the IntellIFOX solution further, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly sales team.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at [email protected].