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Innovec Controls launches revised Innovec Printing totalisor (IPT) model

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As of January 2016, Innovec controls will be releasing a new, revised model for the Innovec Printing totalisor! (IPT) This will incorporate a one line 16-character, 10mm digit-height LCD display. The update includes quadrature input, as opposed to the traditional single input, as well as a 5G (gigabyte) micro SD card for increased memory storage...

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EYLEX introduces soldier worn integrated power equipment system [SWIPES]

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SWIPES is a soldier worn flexible power distribution system that utilises a central hub to distribute power from commonly used military batteries through a trickle charge to most individually worn equipment.  This allows for the most efficient use of power and decreases the weight a soldier must carry by virtually eliminating the need to carry...

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Intertek plays crucial role in construction of Air Warfare Destroyer Warships

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Intertek is a provider of smart inspection technologies that support the Australian Submarine Corporation’s (ASC) construction of three Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) warships for the Royal Australian Navy. Intertek has delivered non-destructive, mechanical, metallurgical and radiographic testing services to meet the stringent te...

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The CEIA CMD Ground Search Metal Detector satisfies the most stringent Military Operational Requirements

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Tests carried out by Authoritative International Bodies under controlled conditions demonstrate that the CEIA Metal Detectors provide overall superior performance in the areas of detection distance, soil compensation capability and immunity to external interference. The CEIA CMD model is a very high performance, high-sensitivity Compact Metal De...

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The Evolution of Identity in the Connected World

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You may think you know who you are. But the truth is, your identity is becoming richer and more complex. You’ve likely used an employee badge to enter a building, a driver’s license to rent a car, a loyalty card to accumulate points and a username and password to access networks, apps and websites. All of those forms of identity &...

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Smaller, Lighter, Smarter Australian Alternators - Milspec Manufacturing

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Modern ground forces are no longer reliant on number of troops and vehicles, and lethality of weapons only.   Effectiveness of a combat campaigns is a function of how smart and advanced your forces are, and the side with better electronic warfare, communication tools, detection equipment and accurate firing systems is the side who would h...

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Pelican-Trimcast™ Military Packaging Systems

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Pelican-Trimcast™ Advanced Case Solutions are the result of a multi-disciplinary, four-stage process. Working closely with you (or your product engineers) our engineers can customize every point of the protective system from shock and vibration attenuation to impact protection and operational logistics according to your product specifica...

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BAC 77 – The Future of Defence’s Industrial Storage

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For 35 years, BAC Systems has been supplying Australian made Industrial Storage Systems to the Australian Defence Force. Defence has fallen in love with the BAC High Density Drawers, BAC’s Hornet Fuel Tank Storage System, and our wide range of workbenches. BAC is now proud to add to its range the “BAC 77” Racking and Shelving Syst...

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Solar Sigma Shield showcased by CBG Systems

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Today’s military operations require a comprehensive protection and camouflage concept for troops and equipment especially in hot climate zones. SolarSigmaShield is an innovative and versatile material for camouflage, heat protection and signature management. SolarSigmaShield is made of a 3D polymer fiberglass composite material that pro...

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Modern classics: the Volvo L30G and L35G wheel loaders

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The updated L30G and L35G wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment may be compact — making them ideal for tight turns and working in restricted areas — but they possess the versatility and breakout and lifting forces you’d normally expect from larger machines. And both models feature powerful new fuel efficient Volvo engine...

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