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ATS Applied Tech Systems Pty Ltd


The Independent Solution Provider for smart Digital Transformation. ATS helps organisations improve operational performance, productivity and profits through solutions ranging from Industrial Automation and IT to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

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Australia - 3170

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The Independent Solution Partner for Smart Digital Transformation

ATS Applied Tech Systems enables organisations to raise their operational performance, productivity and profits by designing, implementing and supporting Industrial Automation and IT solutions.

ATS empowers Australian manufacturers to participate in the large projects underway in the international defence sector.

To deliver the high standards demanded by Defence and Prime Contractors, you must be able to demonstrate robust quality standards, supply chain reliability and operational flexibility. ATS is already helping big-name Defence contractors to achieve these objectives by guiding them along their Digital Transformation journeys, through consulting, solutions and training.

Partnering with ATS Applied Tech Systems will supplement and bolster your company’s own manufacturing knowledge, capability and experience, helping you to win defence contracts.

Quality Management

ATS provides a range of solutions to ensure the defence industry has higher quality at a lower cost. Still using paper inspection sheets? Why not enter your inspection results on a 3D CAD model of your product, with real-time data analysis and quality alerts? And how about your dimensional data coming in from multiple devices in multiple formats? Would you like to be able to analyse it all in one place? ATS provides effective Quality Management software solutions that will reduce costs while supporting your continuous improvement initiatives.

ATS also supplies a robust, comprehensive approach to Supplier Quality Management for the Defence industry, through solutions provided by iBASEt. They provide a comprehensive range of benefits, such as visibility into compliance through the real-time querying of supplier status, constraints, and history records.

They also enable you to assess overall supplier quality by providing access to your suppliers’ history of NCMRs (Non-Conforming Material Reports). In addition, you’ll be able to reduce the overall number of quality issues by more accurately isolating root causes, and having the integration needed across the supply chain to successfully resolve them.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

ATS provides MRO software solutions from iBASEt that take visibility, control, and efficiency of machines and devices in complex shop floor operations to a new level. Replacing paper-based processes and standalone applications with a central digital solution provides a powerful set of benefits for complex manufacturers.

The MRO platform provides an effective, broad, interdepartmental approach that combines planning and scheduling, resource management, quality management, and manufacturing execution in a single, integrated system. As a result, complex manufacturers can holistically manage production, quality, MRO, and the associated supply chain.

Workflow Management

Defence manufacturers with in-depth visibility of their business processes and effective control of their resources can eliminate waste and maximise efficiency.

ATS provides a SaaS solution that maps your end-to-end business processes and automates your workflows. You can eliminate wasted time and resources, turning data into insights and achieving your digital transformation.

With tools that provide depth and complexity when mapping your business processes, you’ll be able to capitalise on technological advances as they happen, integrating new technologies, new methodologies and new insights into your business.

Product Lifecycle Management

ATS has been helping defence manufacturers to improve their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for decades. The fully-integrated solutions reduce the time and resources required for New Product Development and Introduction, even as demand becomes more dynamic and less predictable.

The integrated, information-driven approach comprises people, processes and technology. It covers all aspects of a product’s life, from its creative design through manufacturing, deployment and maintenance, culminating in the product’s removal from service and final disposal. With reductions in wasted time, energy, and material across the entire organization and supply chain, PLM from ATS drives the next generation of lean thinking.

No of Employees : 30
ACN : 095 159 130
ABN : 39 095 159 130
Year of Establishment : 1986

Key Personnel

Managing Director:  Armin Fahnle
Operations Manager:  Rob Conway


Headquarters, Melbourne (East) VIC
Unit 9, 18-22 Lexia Pl
Mulgrave, VIC 3170

Telephone: 1300 468 288

Melbourne (West)
Level 2, 231 Hyde St
Yarraville, VIC 3013

Telephone: 1300 468 288

Sydney, NSW

Telephone: 1300 468 288

Quality Assurance

Quality Management - ISO 9001:2014 
Environmental Management -  ISO 14001:2014 
Occupational Health and Safety Management - AS NZ 4801 & OHSAS 18001:2014

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