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ATS Applied Tech Systems: the Independent solution provider for smart digital transformation

by ATS Applied Tech Systems Pty Ltd on 29/04/2020 5:49 AM

ATS Applied Tech Systems,Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing is a journey. Just as with any journey it makes sense to develop an itinerary or plan before you head off on that journey.

The current round of Defence projects will undoubtedly create many opportunities for Australian manufacturers. The Hunter Class Frigates, Attack Class Submarines, Land 400 and other projects are all intended to help develop local Australian industry capabilities.

Working with Defence and Prime Contractors does however require manufacturers to be able to demonstrate robust quality processes and a commitment to implementing Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing techniques.

ATS has vast experience spanning 30 plus years in the aerospace and defence industry. During our evolution within the sector, we have served premiere aerospace organizations cutting across OEMs, Tier-1s, Tier-2s and component suppliers. Our domain experience spans from underwater defence submarines to high-flying commercial aircraft, from complete engines to elementary casting components.

ATS continues to work with several Prime Contractors, who you would know well, implementing quality management solutions like ATS Inspect and CM4D as well as helping them along their Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing journey. You can find details of these Industry 4.0 solutions and others on the ATS website.

If you would like to win some work in the Defence sector, then you could not select a better partner than ATS Applied Tech Systems to help you develop your Industry 4.0 plan and to guide you along your journey.  ATS is The Independent Solution Partner for Smart Digital Transformation.

For additional information please visit www.ats-global.com/au or call Bill Ellerton on 0458 377 351