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Werlatone defence CIS solutions offered by AJ Distributors

by AJ Distributors on 16/03/2022 5:22 AM

Werlatone,AJ Distributors

Werlatone supports Military Communications, EW, & Radar Systems from DC to X-Band. Our RF solutions support a variety of platforms including fixed, airborne, ground mobile, shipboard, as well as space applications. 

Werlatone’s new E-Plane Combiner architecture is ideally suited for emerging High CW Power/High Duty Cycle Solid State Radar requirements.

Werlatone offers a full line of High Power Combiners & Dividers for frequency bands covering HF through S-Band, at power levels to 20 kW CW and 100 kW Peak. Our low loss designs are ideal for Coherent Combining applications (whenthe inputs offer equal frequency, power, and phase) and for Non-Coherent Combining applications (when all is not equal).

Built to withstand high unbalanced input powers and operate into severe Load Mismatch conditions.

Werlatone Broadband Dual, Uni, and Bi Directional Couplers are designed to tolerate the most stringent operating conditions associated with military and EMC testing environments. Many of our RF Directional Couplers, designated Mismatch Tolerant®, will operate continuously, at rated power, into a severe Load Mismatch condition. Our extensive line of multi-octave Directional Coupler designs achieves up to 1000:1 bandwidths, while maintaining exceptional coupling flatness, directivity, VSWR, and insertion loss.

Werlatone Low Pass Absorptive Filters are Non-Reflective! Out-of-band signals are internally terminated and are not reflected back to the source. Designed for HF, VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz applications, our Absorptive Filters are less susceptible to temperature change, and reduce the dependency of the system on the length of interconnecting cable between two non perfect components. Send us your specs for custom designs!

AJ Distributors has been reliably providing defence and aerospace applications across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania since 1980.

For additional information please visit www.ajdistributors.com.au