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Citadel Secure Pty Ltd


Citadel Secure understands the challenges to achieving your goals in the domestic and international Defence sectors. CITSEC Partners with SMEs, Primes and Governments to secure your success.

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Level 1, 31 Franklin St



Australia - 5000

Phone : + 61 8 7081 5865
Fax :
Mail : [email protected]
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Don’t miss out on opportunities to reach your potential in the Defence and space industries. At Citadel Secure, we make it easy by taking problems away and opening doors to secure your success.

At Citadel Secure we know that you want to succeed in the defence or space industries. In order to grow and achieve your goals, you must meet strict industry and government requirements, otherwise you can miss out on opportunities to reach your potential.

We make it easy by taking problems away and opening doors.

We understand the unique challenges that can prevent you from accomplishing your Defence or space mission.

It’s why we’ve been helping businesses and government secure their success, becoming their trusted partner through:

     •     Strategic advice,
     •     Local, national and international SME, medium and prime defence business engagement, and marketing.
     •     Grant writing and advice,
     •     Bespoke training,
     •     Bid management and writing,
     •     DISP physical and cyber security, and
     •     IT and other specialist services.

Here's how we do it:

Step 1: Tell us what you need.

Step 2: We’ll propose a solution to take away your problems.

Step 3: You secure your success.

So, enquire now and don’t miss out on opportunities to reach your potential. Instead, become capable and confident of your future success in defence or space, with a trusted partner by your side for ongoing support.

With an international presence through Citadel Secure, Citadel Secure New Zealand, Citadel IT, and Hark Communications we are excited by the chance to partner with you wherever you may be based.

No of Employees : 16
ACN : 634 994 488
ABN : 81 634 994 488
Year of Establishment : 2018

Key Personnel

Director and Principal Government Relations:  Philip Morgan
Director and Principal Security Development:  James O’Hanlon
Director and Principal Defence Engagement:  David Searles
Principal Information Technology and Cyber Security:  Neil Poulton
General Manager – Citadel Secure New Zealand:  Brett Stott
Principal Marketing and Communications:  Sandra Simpson



Level 1, 31 Franklin St
Adelaide SA 5000
P: +61 8 7081 5865

Citadel IT

Level 1, 79 Commercial Rd
Port Adelaide, SA 5015
P: +61 8 7079 2862

Citadel Secure – Brisbane

Hark Communications
Adelaide St Brisbane, QLD 4000
P: +61 8 7081 5865

Citadel Secure – Canberra

Northbourne Ave Canberra, ACT 2601
P: +61 8 7081 5865

Citadel Secure New Zealand

1 Willis St
Wellington 6011 NZ

Quality Assurance

Citadel Secure maintains DISP certification.
Citadel IT is a proud platinum partner of the ACSC.

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