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Fire System Services; your fire equipment maintenance and fire safety procurement specialists for defence

by Fire System Services Pty Ltd on 21/06/2021 3:05 AM

Fire System Services

Workshop Facility

The company provides sustainment in the field of proving component maintenance services for pressurised cylinders, this includes Hydrostatic Pressure Tests and Non Destructive Testing.

These cylinders include oxygen bottles, portable fire extinguishers, emergency air bottles, inflation cylinders and engine and APU fire extinguishers. All must be inspected and tested at specific intervals to ensure container strength and integrity.

We are also able to assist with providing service in the realm of quality-assured data logged structural pressure testing. Our workshop capabilities allow us to provide a quality service in relation to hydrostatic pressure testing and our expertise allows us to obtain extremely accurate testing from .05MPa up to 1,000MPa, 500kPa up to 100,000kPa and 5bar up to 1,000bar.


Military and Defence

Aviation Fire System Australia have a history of working with various defence forces around the world. We have developed an understand of the needs and time frames that of militaries around the world that are challenged and working with. By supporting the military aviation sector, We know that our contribution is working towards assisting to help the defence of democracy & liberty.

We have established a reputation for quality support, providing various types of Hydrostatic, Pneumatic or NDT services for aircraft component maintenance.

Our policy is to supply on-time quality aviation support & services.

Essential Safety Provisions  

Our Building Facility section provides services for Essential Safety Provisions.  

Fire System Services offers a full turnkey solution for all Essential Safety Provisions, Fire and Safety maintenance requirements.

Fire System Services can assist with:

  • Wet Systems – Fire Sprinklers,  Fire Hoses,  Fire Hydrants and Boosters.
  • Dry Systems – Fire and Smoke Detection.
  • Portables – Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets.
  • Egress – Exit and Emergency Lighting,  Egress,  Exit and Fire Doors.
  • Electrical Safety – Distribution Board Testing.
  • Personal Safety – Emergency Showers and Eye Wash Stations.


For additional info please visit www.firesys.com.au