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Fire System Services Pty Ltd


Fire System Services is an Australian supplier & service provider in the field of Essential Safety Provisions. Whether it be Land | Sea | Air, We have the required fire safety equipment to keep lives and assets protected.

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PO Box 16



Australia - 5082

Phone : + 1300 88 FIRE (3473)
Fax : +61 8 8445 6333
Mail : [email protected]
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FSS Group of Companies consist of 4 divisions specialising in various fields of maintenance for Essential Safety Provisions.

Fire System Services

Fire System Services specialises in the area of Essential Safety Provisions (ESP's) of fire equipment maintenance and fire safety equipment procurement.

Providing an integrated range of specialised electrical/mechanical fire services ranging from inspection, testing and maintenance contracts since 1985.

Fire System Services holds FPAS accreditation, this ensures our clients that all our technicians are fully competent and holding a CERT ii in fire safety maintenance.

Our customer base encompasses a wide range of commercial and industrial outlets including shopping centres, hotels, motels, and apartments. We also are the preferred supplier for a number of Adelaide based building & construction companies, real estate/strata managers and property developers.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a friendly and professional service through our open manner and personal approach to your fire protection requirements. We aim to meet our deadlines and completion of projects in a timely manner. We have networked our services with other fields within the fire protection industry and in return, we are able to offer reasonable prices to enable customers to meet their requirements for Essential Safety Services.

National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services.

National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services, operates and manages an S.A.A. Approved and Licenced Cylinder Test Station Number 720.

The Station tests, services and certifies gas cylinders and equipment. Well-qualified and experienced staff, who are Approved Signatories, carry out low pressure and high-pressure testing on cylinders, bottles, pressure vessels and fire extinguishers.

As well as fire extinguishers, National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services fills and services most models and types of cylinders. Testing and certification of existing cylinders allows continued use, saving the importation of replacements and achieving reduced scrap or landfill. It is cost effective and good for the environment!

National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services performs water jacket and non-water jacket hydrostatic tests on cylinders for pressures between 0.5 Mpa and 100 Mpa, mass checks on cylinders from 1.0 Kg to 150 Kg and water capacity determinations on cylinders between 1 litre and 100 litres. Accurate test and inspection results are critical for the success of industry, for public health and safety, and for care of the environment. Because National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services has no affiliation with any manufacturer or supplier, clients are assured of unbiased testing, impartial analysis of data and complete confidentiality.

Through our involvement with ITAR classified equipment testing, we have been able to provide the ADF confidence that high pressure cylinders associated or integrated with assets are safe to operate under normal & extreme environments. Our testing comprises of water jacket or non-water jacket testing / NDT die penetration testing / Quality Assurance compliance Data Logging testing.

Aviation Fire System Australia

"AFSA" Aviation Fire Systems Australia is a subsidiary division of Fire System Services Pty Ltd. AFSA was developed to provide aircraft sustainment in the field of component maintenance. Our “LAME” Licenced Aviation Maintenance Engineers are trained in the area of Aviation Fire Safety and Life Support Services. The company skill sets for aircraft sustainment is testing and maintenance of the following equipment:

     •     Aircraft Fire & Smoke Detection Systems
     •     Aircraft Fire Extinguishing Systems
     •     Aircraft Portable Fire Extinguishers
     •     Aircraft Oxygen Life Support Systems
     •     Aircraft Inflation Devices
     •     Aircraft Structural Inspections
     •     Aircraft General “Air Time” Maintenance & Servicing

In addition, we are also able to assist with our sister company National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services in providing service in the realm of structural pressure testing. Our workshop capabilities allow us to provide a quality service in relation to hydrostatic pressure testing. Our expertise allows us to obtain extremely accurate testing from .05mpa / 500kpa / 5bar up to 1000mpa / 100,000kpa / 1,000bar.

SA Fireworks & Indoor Pyrotechnics

SA Fireworks is a recognised provider and operators of pyrotechnics / fireworks / combat simulation explosives. The company has been operational in this capacity for over 35 years. Apart from owning and operating specialised blasting controllers, via two wire or remote wireless firing with a large networks facility across the country we can transport, magazine house and manage various aspects of handling DG 1.1g, 1.2g, 1.3g, 1.4g explosives & pyrotechnics.

All four divisions don't just play a role in the private sector, we also provide services to the State and Commonwealth Government including The Department of Defence.

No of Employees : 26
ACN : 113 794 924
ABN : 47 635 264 476
Year of Establishment : 1985
Post Box Number : GPO Box 16
Post Box Zip Code : 5082
Post Box Locality : Prospect
Post Box Region : SA
Cage Code : Z0CU0



16 Glasgow Street,
Wingfield SA 5013 

FC Tel: 1300 88 FIRE (3473)
Fax: +61 8 8445 6333

Quality Assurance

FSS maintains certification to  ISO9001:2015

Key Personnel

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director:  Nick Papamichael
Operations Manager:  Joel Papamichael 
Aviation LAME:  Ram Merhi
Explosives Transport & Magazine Safety Manager:  Paul Pyatt

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