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SME Gateway hits 400 members

by SME Gateway Pty Ltd on 02/09/2021 2:30 AM

SME Gateway

Operating since 2003, SME Gateway is proud to announce that the company has hit the 400 member company milestone. Representing thousands of professional service individuals through both small and micro business, SME Gateway has a strong track record of being trusted to deliver outcomes to Defence and other government agencies.

“SME Gateway is proud to have contributed to many of the projects and programs that the Commonwealth of Australia has executed throughout a 16-year heritage,” Stuart Althaus, CEO of SME Gateway said.

“During this time SME Gateway has contributed to projects in the Land, Sea and Air domains with equal commitment.

“The SME Gateway operating model is based on the concept of the strength of a community based around SMEs rather than a group of individuals. By placing SME Gateway in front of the client, taking the contracting risk and exposure for the provision of capability and remaining engaged and accountable throughout the period of the work, a single point of access is provided for clients to over 400 Australian SME companies operating as subcontractors to SME Gateway.

“This offers clients high levels of confidence, accountability and control, but removes the need to broker a multitude of Supply Chain agreements with individual companies. For SME Gateway members, exposure levels are minimised, support is provided and a collegiate and collaborative approach is established to the competitive pursuit of long and short-term work.

“The model that has been successful for the CoA Procurement Panels to date lends itself excellently to providing Primes with access to the nationwide membership base. This is executed through a single supply chain agreement with SME Gateway supporting the national asset that is the Australian SME and contributing the to the AIC requirements of the projects,” Mr Althaus concluded.

For additional info please visit www.smegateway.com.au