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Naval Group proposes CANTO build in Australia

by ANZDD on 19-Jul-2019

Naval Group,CANTO

Naval Group has submitted a proposal to the Australian government to partner with local industry to produce its CANTO anti-torpedo decoys for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the company has announced.

Naval Group said that its proposal contains a commitment to transfer skills and knowledge to Australia to support local manufacturing of the system. “This sharing of expertise and experience will not only contribute to Australia’s defence landscape but boost local manufacturing,” it said.

Naval Group did not disclose additional details about its proposal but it is likely linked to its programme to deliver 12 Attack-class submarines to the RAN.

By deploying CANTO® decoys correctly with associated evasive maneuvers, a ship is able to steer away from the torpedo target zone to safety while the torpedo, homing on the false targets presented by the decoy, eventually dissipates all its energy or fuel.


Source: Janes 360