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Unitronix REN VPX products for 2024, designed and made in Australia

by Unitronix Pty Ltd on 23/02/2024 2:18 AM

Uuitronix ,REN VPX

Unitronix has been supplying COTS computer products in Australia to Defence primes for over 36 years. Recently we started bringing out our own range of Rugged Project boxes called Rugged Embedded NODES or REN Boxes. These are a way to deploy high end industrial electronics in a fully sealed box at a fraction of the cost of full MIL SPEC parts. The key here being the customer does testing and read across for the Environmental qualification.

For 2024 Unitronix has expanded the REN range with two new products utilising VPX.

  • REN VPX FlatPAK, a one slot SOSA VPX backplane assembly that allows user to
    Stick one or more VPX cards anywhere. Its a bubble bursting product for the VPX
    COTS market. All the SOSA Backplanes available.
  • REN VPX 4 slot INNER card rack, a 4 slot chassis for SOSA conduction cooled 
    VPX cards. Mix and match any of the 5 SOSA profiles. Develop on the bench 
     top, when you are Finished we can burn you a 4 slot backplane or you may 
     want to stick with the single slots. At this point you can drop the INNER Box in to   
     the OUTER Box so you can deploy it.
  •  REN VPX OUTER Box is PART 2 of the VPX 4 slot product. This is a fully sealed 
     outer box that has the INNER BOX bolted in to it. It has a BLANK IO plate at the
     rear to take the IO connectors, and a BLANK front plate through which the VPX 
     cards can be removed for service.

UNITRONIX has been very firmly thinking inside the box, these VPX products encompass a philosophy of "ease of use" project box to enable customers to get going quickly , develop and deploy fast with a product at a fraction of the time NRE and cost of the standard of the shelf COTS solutions.

Want to find out more, contact Tim Marshall on 0438274333 or visit www.unitronix.com.au