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Take the Lead with Lumify Group, Australasia’s leader in ICT training and digital solutions

by Lumify People on 15/06/2024 3:41 AM


The world of technology is constantly evolving. For businesses and individuals, keeping up with the rate of change is a never-ending and challenging task. We're here to help you meet that challenge head-on as Australasia’s leader in ICT training and digital solutions.

We’ve been helping people master technological change for more than 30 years, formerly as DDLS Group, and now as Lumify Group. We are committed to equipping organisations and individuals with the digital skills you need, from first time students to career changers, upskillers to promotion seekers, support techs to CTOs, we empower everyone we meet to transform change into opportunity. We use our decades of training expertise, deep industry knowledge and unrivalled global connections to propel you and your business forward.

Through our five core brands Lumify Learn, Lumify Work, Lumify People, Nexacu and City Desktop Training, we're able to deliver on the full spectrum of IT training and digital solutions - so no matter what your skillset, where you are in the world, or how you prefer to learn, we can make it happen.

Lumify People – Delivering Tailored Strategic Advisory and Solutions for Defence Organisations 

Established in 2002, the National Defence strategic advisory team at Lumify People (powered by Lumify Group) are experienced in delivering multi-year, multi-million dollar business and tech initiatives and solutions. We will work with you to understand your challenges, build organisational capacity and connected expertise - whether that’s by providing people on-the-ground, delivering tailored learning and digital solutions or embedding our tech specialists within your teams.

With more than 100 expert trainers across the Asia Pacific and 6 campuses in central business districts in Australia, Lumify People is focused on delivering innovative digital solutions that meet the unique needs of the Defence community.

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