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Smaller, Lighter, Smarter Australian Alternators - Milspec Manufacturing

by Milspec Manufacturing Pty Ltd on 03/04/2017 8:40 AM


Modern ground forces are no longer reliant on number of troops and vehicles, and lethality of weapons only.   Effectiveness of a combat campaigns is a function of how smart and advanced your forces are, and the side with better electronic warfare, communication tools, detection equipment and accurate firing systems is the side who would have an unfair advantage.  

As such, recent military vehicles are increasingly stacked with more equipment. Existing fleet vehicles require upgrade programs to keep pace.  Upgrades include modern command & control systems, communication, computer, intelligence and interoperability systems.

These vehicle technology upgrades lead to a higher demand on military vehicle power generation. 

In a typical “Aussie” way, the Australian SME company, Milspec Manufacturing, took that challenge head-on.   Milspec’s MIL-Standard brushless Alternators have evolved to offer an output of up to 550 Amps per unit, with remarkable weight/size to power output ratios.  Designs utilizing multiple Alternators per vehicle offer significant benefits compared with in-line generator systems, including smaller size, more flexible space utilization, lighter weight and reduced cost.

An alternator subsystem from Milspec can deliver in excess of 1000Amps per vehicle

Milspec has developed solutions to suite new build and upgrade programs for a number of military vehicles. The Thales Australia Bushmaster and the US Navistar Husky MXT have taken advantage of Milspecs Alternators, with many other vehicles in various stages of trials.   Earlier versions of Milspecs Alternators were fitted to the Australian Army Land Rovers, Mack Trucks (Volvo) and Unimog Trucks (Mercedes Benz).

Milspec Alternators offer a simple & low cost vehicle upgrades, with significant safety, continuity, reliability & redundancy benefits.

More information at http://milspecmanufacturing.com/products/alternators/