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Saab’s Australian Combat Management System

by Saab Australia Pty Ltd on 04/07/2023 8:42 AM

Saab Australia,Combat Management System

The Australian Combat Management System (AusCMS) from Saab Australia is the nation’s most capable maritime CMS. It is used across the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) fleet, providing a command and control and situational awareness system on Australian warships.

Saab undertook a successful technology transfer from 1988 of our Swedish 9LV CMS to support the acquisition of the Anzac Class frigates, and we have been developing the CMS in Australia as a sovereign capability ever since. Saab’s work in designing, developing and integrating the Anzac Class CMS is one of the most successful large-scale military projects in Australian history.

The system enhances the operational capabilities of the Navy's warships by providing an advanced, integrated operating system to the operators. With a strong track record and three decades of experience, Saab has demonstrated its commitment to delivering excellence in combat management capabilities to the RAN.

Overview of AusCMS Capability:

1. Integration and Interoperability: The primary function of AusCMS is to enable seamless integration and interoperability among the surface warships in the RAN's fleet. The system facilitates the connection and coordination of weapons, sensors, and data systems, allowing for efficient command and control of naval operations. AusCMS provides operators with comprehensive and real-time situational awareness by consolidating information from multiple sources.

2. Advanced Command and Control: AusCMS empowers naval operators with advanced command and control capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions in complex operational scenarios. The system integrates and presents critical data from multiple sources in a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to effectively monitor and manage the status of weapons systems, sensors, and communications. . This enhances the Navy's operational effectiveness and response capabilities.

3. Tactical Interface Development:  Saab’s CMS has been mandated by the Commonwealth as the single CMS for all non-Aegis platforms in the RAN and is installed on the Anzac Class frigates, Canberra Class Landing Helicopter Dock, Supply Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment vessels and Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels.

As part of the Enterprise Partnering Agreement between Saab and the Australian Department of Defence, Saab is responsible for developing an Australian Interface for the Hunter Class frigates and will be retrofitted to the Hobart Class destroyers. The AusCMS will be customised to meet the specific requirements of these warship classes, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and maximizing operational efficiency.

4. Sovereign Capability and Evolution: To ensure that the system remains state of the art, Saab has integrated the AusCMS with the latest sensors and effectors to meet RAN requirements. We have achieved this through our established Australian combat system and software development capability. This sovereign capability enables Saab to provide a CMS that meets Australia's requirements while also allowing us to be flexible in our approach to resolving RAN challenges as they arise.

Saab's commitment to sovereign capability, as well as its track record in delivering excellence in combat management systems, cement the company's position as a trusted partner to the RAN. With AusCMS, the Navy will be better equipped to meet the demands of an ever-changing geo-political landscape and ensure the protection of Australia's maritime interests.

For additional info please visit www.saab.com/markets/australia