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Pyrotek's DECIDAMP® DC30 solution for defence platforms

by ANZIDECC Directory on 22/04/2021 3:23 AM


Decidamp® DC30 is a two-component polyurethane based damping paste. DC30 works best in a constrained layer configuration (sandwich system) where its excellent viscoelastic properties result in substantial reductions in structure-radiated airborne sound.

Performing well over a wide temperature range, it is perfect for use in a multitude of applications in marine environments.

Decidamp DC30 is applied to a metal, GRP or plastic counter plate which is then bonded to the surface to be treated. During curing, it will bond to both the counter plate and surface substrate, creating an excellent damping medium. Suitable where heavier constraining layers are required, by bolting in place - without adversely effecting performance.

It is corrosion resistant, highly thixotropic and can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces without slumping.


  • Tested to international marine fire standards
  • Reduces the spread of vibration throughout the structure
  • Improve internal noise levels
  • High coverage rate, fast application & curing
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, aluminium, and glass composite substrates
  • Highly effective reducing structure borne noise
  • Suitable for outdoor exposure
  • Excellent flame resistance, self-extinguishing
  • Low-weight, viscoelastic damping
  • Cures without shrinking or cracking
  • Low odour

For additional information please visit pyroteknc.com