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Portable Hi-Gain UHF SATCOM Antenna

by Control Synergy Pty Ltd on 29/06/2023 9:03 AM

UHF SATCOM Antenna,Control Synergy

The SAT-MP-320 UHF MUOS SATCOM Manpack Antenna is a High-Gain portable UHS SATCOM Antenna intended to enable critical communications for forward combat and disaster response personnel.

This lightweight powerful antenna is the fastest & easiest portable UHF SATCOM Antenna to deploy on the market today, weighing in at an astonishing 3kg for easy transport.

 The SAT-MP-320 UHF MUOS SATCOM Manpack antenna is one of the only portable UHF SATCOM antennas that is compatible both with the MUOS network and with legacy networks also.

Frame components are field replaceable which means that the operational service life of the antenna is extended over competitor models.

  • Lightweight (3kg) and quick to deploy (20 seconds)
  • 11dBi gain
  • MUOS and Legacy network compatible
  • Rugged BNC Male Connector
  • Frame components are replaceable in the field
  • Works with all leading Military Radio Systems
  • NSN number 5985-010485-4672

For additional information visit www.controlsynergy.com.au/product/uhf-satcom-manpak-antenna