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LEGEAR introduces German engineered Ghosthood Concamo to its tactical range

by LEGEAR on 13/11/2021 2:13 AM

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Ghosthood is a German based designer and manufacturer of personal camouflage equipment, owned, and operated by German Military personnel with a wealth of experience in surveillance and reconnaissance. Ghosthood provides some of the most lightweight, packable, versatile, and effective camouflage products available today. 


Whilst traditional ghillie suits / cobra hoods are highly effective at breaking up the wearer’s silhouette, reducing their visual signature and allowing them to blend with their operating environment, they are often relatively bulky, hot, take up precious space inside packs, retain water and add weight to already high combat loads. Additionally, many of these systems do not perform well in terms of IR reflectance (i.e., detection under NVG) and thermal defeat, making them less effective in the modern battlespace. 


Due to these limitations, for the most part, personal camouflage systems have generally only been carried and employed by reconnaissance, snipers (and other specialist roles) whose priority is to remain below the detection threshold. However, in a world where the threat of peer level conflict is becoming increasingly likely, the need for dismounted units to have access to camouflage solutions that will allow them to avoid detection, and thus increase survivability, has become paramount.

Ghosthood’s range of products address many of these common problems by using ultra-lightweight yet durable materials that allow them to be breathable, quick drying, highly packable, multifunctional and to make carrying camouflage systems a practical reality for any unit.  


Made using the innovative confusion camo (CONCAMO) camouflage pattern, which is comprised of 25 pattern layers and with very few repeated shapes to draw the eye, Ghosthood products are incredibly effective at visual signature disruption regardless of the operational environment. Ghosthood products are available in 4 different CONCAMO patterns, including: CONCAMO Green, Brown, Beige and White (coming soon).


A lightweight, highly packable (fits into a cargo pocket) poncho style ghillie top that provides exceptional visual signature disruption and has approximately 25 “CFIX” points on it to allow for adding natural vegetation.

The Ghost Hoodie features built in hand camouflage, a hood that can be removed (making it compatible for use with helmets), and a rifle slit towards the base to allow the user to completely camouflage themselves and their rifle from the front – ideal for establishing hasty firing positions or setting snap ambushes.


Ghost Legs are an ultra-lightweight, breathable, quick drying, gaiter style lower body camouflage solution comprised of two individual leg pieces.

The Ghost legs allow you to access cargo pockets if required, are easily stowed by rolling one into the other and can double as an optic or rifle cover when not worn on the body. The Ghost Legs feature camouflage boot covers (ensuring complete camouflage of the wearer).


Rifle Camo 

Purpose built camouflage system designed to be compatible with a wide range of long arms and optics. Consists of 3 pieces, suggest watching the product video to understand how to attach each component properly.

Optic Camo 

Camouflage system designed to be attached on to optics such as spotting scopes or cameras in order to disrupt their visual signature.

Tripod Camo 

Camouflage system designed to be attached on to rifle tripods in order to disrupt their visual signature.

Recon Net 

A highly packable, lightweight 2.8m x 2.8m camouflage net intended to be used in constructing Observation Posts (OP’s). 

The Recon Net features 2 sets of 2 adjacent slits, intended to allow users to place a rifle and optic (such as a spotting scope) through without disrupting the overall camouflage of the position. 

The Recon Net also features a large number of “CFIX” attachment points, allowing for the attachment of natural vegetation to further improve camouflage.

The Ghosthood range is available exclusively at LEGEAR. For more information www.legear.com.au or, please contact LEGEAR Government Solutions team on 1300 534 327 or Email: [email protected]