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Fueltreat Australia …… It’s all about Performance

by Fueltreat Australia Pty Ltd on 16/04/2021 5:35 AM

Fueltreat,fuel injector cleaners

Fueltreat Australia Pty Ltd was formed in Melbourne in 1984 by three research chemists and a petroleum engineer. Using our experience and knowledge in the petroleum industry, our scientists developed products to increase the efficiency of vehicles, ships and equipment regardless of the fuel they use.

Fueltreat's reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality products, and provider of excellent technical support has continued to grow. Our products are now used throughout:


  • Australasia
  • The Pacific
  • South-East Asia

Fuel biocides – BC-250 and FT-400

Diesel fuel is prone to contamination by microbes that can seriously affect the performance and reliability of engines. Fuel biocides will eliminate microbes, and help restore performance and fuel efficiency, improve reliability and reduce black smoke.

Fuel injector cleaners - Surefire

Surefire cleans hydrocarbon deposits and varnishes from fuel injection systems, carburettors an importantly, intake valves. By cleaning the fuel system these products help engines run more efficiently, and reduce poisonous exhaust emissions. Their performance has been independently verified by a quality certified testing laboratory to strict international standards and design rules. They have also been extensively tested, approved and adopted by leading automotive manufacturers.

Fuel system cleaners - Sureburn

The Sureburn product range cleans large marine engines, industrial burners, boilers, and co-generation plants. This is critical to reduce costly downtime, maintain efficiencies, and reduce toxic emissions. Especially useful with heavy fuel oils, bunker fuels or poor quality fuels, e.g., waste or recycled fuel.

Emulsion breakers

Our Breakclear range separate oily water mixtures in a range of environmental applications. These products come from our oilfield background and were used in applications such as oil rigs and refineries. They are an effective way of improving the efficiency of bilge water systems, wastewater or effluent treatment plants and thus contribute to producing clean industrial water. Also, they are of benefit in recovery of waste oil for recycling or use as a fuel in co-generation plants.

ECHA Microbiology Ltd testing kits

Fueltreat Australia distributes the ECHA Microbiology Ltd’s (ECHA) range of fuel testing kits. This includes the world leading MicrobMonitor2 and MicrobMonitor GMF kits.

ECHA Microbiology has been helping organisations solve their microbiological contamination and corrosion problems for more than 35 years


MicrobMonitor2 was developed originally for use in the aviation industry for testing jet fuel and is recommended by IATA and listed in the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals of Boeing, Airbus and other major aircraft OEMs. Major airlines and defence industries have been using the test for many years. As the test uses the same technology as used in standard laboratory based tests it produces results comparable with IP 385 and ASTM6974-03.

The test is used by the military and is a codified NATO stock item (Stock No. 6640-99-834-3573).

For additional information please visit www.fueltreat.com