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Aerospace & Defence industries depend on Fishbowl to track their valuable assets

by Fishbowl Inventory Pty Ltd on 06/06/2024 6:54 AM

Fishbowl Inventory

Military & aviation distributors, brokers, and suppliers rely on exact tolerances and standards within their industry, and they should expect the same level of stringent standards and high quality from the software that they use to manage their daily business operations. With the help of Fishbowl Manufacturing, your every process can be fine-tuned and streamlined to maximize efficiency while also cutting costs and minimizing downtime.

Watch your productivity soar as you implement the following inventory management and asset tracking tools from Fishbowl Manufacturing into your business.


With mobile device support, every material and supply is identified, counted, and controlled. You are able to move single parts or entire pallets of parts while tracking all of them across as many locations as necessary. Whether you have just one location or multiple locations, you can track your inventory levels and statuses across the board on a per-location basis. No longer will you be forced to lose profit due to long searches or mismanaged product.


Equipment, tools, leases, kitting – you name it – it can be tracked and accounted for with Fishbowl Manufacturing. And with a built-in scheduler, you can plot out future productions, completion dates, and projected material needs. Keep your raw materials continually flowing in and your goods and services flowing out with Fishbowl Manufacturing’s asset tracking features.


As its name suggests, Fishbowl Manufacturing offers extensive manufacturing features. Generate automatic work orders per allotted inventory with completion dates, track user assignments, create custom instructions, and break down project cost estimations. You can even add labour costs to the total cost of goods when you integrate with Fishbowl Time & Labour, an online time clock solution. Know what you’re capable of and when you can deliver, and you will maximize potential profit.


There are more than a hundred reports available in Fishbowl and you can even get custom reports specifically designed for your business. From customer histories to vendor relationships to production reports, all of your data is stored and ready for examination. Follow trends, stay current on costs, and properly guide your company according to quantifiable data.


Stay up to date with critical part information, material data, manufacture details, equipment certification, and assignable control tags. Your inventory and information control keeps your processes current and your reporting up to the highest standards.


Set up individual pricing tiers, sales options, and payment terms while accounting for purchases and software-generated price-break suggestions. Valuable features like Auto Replenish allow purchase options for automatic reorders when your thresholds are met. This feature is particularly valuable because it helps you to maintain healthy inventory quantities in stock.


Fishbowl Manufacturing was designed with accounting in mind, providing for easy syncing and eliminating the dreaded double data entry. Fishbowl is the #1 requested inventory solution for QuickBooks users. Fishbowl integrates with many other business solutions, but Xero and QuickBooks are some of the biggest ones that inventory management software buyers are looking for.

Try Fishbowl Manufacturing today to streamline your business operations and keep your organization flying high!

The U.S. Air Force and other Aerospace & Defence industries use Fishbowl to track valuable assets.

Aerospace & Defence companies are tightly regulated and need to have a high degree of traceability. With Fishbowl, you’ll be able to identify everything that goes into your manufactured goods and accurately track assets across multiple locations.

The U.S. Air Force is one example of an organization in the Aerospace and Defence industry that has used Fishbowl to track its valuable assets. Fishbowl will keep you flying high with these useful features:

Detailed Bills of Materials – Easily identify all of the parts that go into the products you manufacture with the help of Fishbowl’s bills of materials. There are many other manufacturing tools that help you make use of sub-assemblies, work orders, and labour costs.

Unlimited Custom Fields – You can create custom fields for virtually anything. Whatever you want to track, you can make it happen by creating a custom field for it.

User Rights – User rights keep unauthorized personnel out of your sensitive inventory data, and ensure your workers only have access to parts of the software that apply to their jobs.

Asset Tracking – Track assets across multiple locations and in great detail within each location. That way, everything will be safely stored and ready to go when you need it.

Scanning – The Fishbowl Go app lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner. Print barcode labels to attach to items and shelves and then scan them to pick, transfer, and reorder items.

Fishbowl is the perfect enterprise asset management solution for Government & Military organisations.

Whether you’re a Government & Military department or a contractor with the government, you can find creative ways to keep costs down with the right asset tracking solution. Fishbowl is just what you’ve been looking for. It gives you access to user rights, a secure server, integration with QuickBooks, serial numbers, custom tracking, and multi-stage work orders and bills of materials.

User Rights – Protect sensitive information by only allowing certain personnel to see parts of the software that are connected to their jobs. You can do this through granular user rights.

Secure Server – Fishbowl is a desktop solution, which means you maintain the server in house. This limits the risks associated with cloud storage and keeps data security squarely in your control.

QuickBooks Integration – If you use QuickBooks, you will find Fishbowl to be an invaluable tool. Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks to eliminate double data entry and automatically update your accounting records to reflect changes in your inventory.

Custom Tracking and Serial Numbers – Comprehensive tracking, including serial numbers and virtually any other custom tracking criteria you like, is found in Fishbowl. Quickly find out when items were purchased, what they’re being used for, and where they end up.

Manufacturing – The manufacturing jobs you can perform with work orders include assembly, disassembly, repair, replacement, and custom.

Scanning – Empower your employees and automate inventory management processes by using Fishbowl’s barcode-scanning capabilities.

Keep your inventory management right on target with Fishbowl.

To comply with government regulations and keep your customers happy, Firearm manufacturers and sellers need a powerful inventory management system. That’s why Fishbowl offers an ATF Logbook report, serial-number tracking, barcode scanning, sub-assemblies, and user rights to help you stay within the law and keep your inventory levels right on target.

ATF Logbook – The ATF Logbook report allows you to track each firearm’s type, caliber or gauge, and manufacturer, as well as customers’ and vendors’ Federal Firearm License Numbers.

Serial Numbers – Fishbowl has a virtually unlimited number of criteria you can use to track inventory. Serial numbers are particularly useful to firearm manufacturers and sellers.

Custom Tracking – You can create any tracking criteria you like with custom fields. For example, many firearms manufacturers and sellers use custom tracking for rifle gauges.

Scanning – Eliminate double data entry and safeguard your information by using mobile devices to scan barcodes for picking, packing, shipping, receiving, ordering, and other warehouse jobs.

Manufacturing – You can create work orders for assembly, disassembly, repair, replacement, and custom manufacturing jobs. Plus, you can add detailed instructions to work orders.

Staging – To ensure production stages are done in the right order, you can create sub-assemblies in the form of multiple bills of materials.

User Rights – User rights play an important role in complying with government regulations. Make sure you know who sold firearms to customers by recording them in Fishbowl and attaching them to specific users.

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