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At RackSolutions, we create rugged mounting solutions for military use. We design and manufacture durable and reliable mounting products that withstands harsh conditions and demanding environments.

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With our high-quality, in-house manufacturing, we provide custom ruggedized products for the military. We create rugged mounting solutions for military use to securely attach equipment and devices to military vehicles, aircrafts, and ships. To meet military standards, our engineers took key considerations to ensure efficient product satisfaction. These considerations include: material and construction, shock and vibration resistance, secure attachments, compatibility, ease of use, modularity and adaptability, maintenance and repair for the product, and weight considerations.

The military requested ruggedized mounts for their shelf kits and KEV mounts, so RackSolutions specifically designed 2 rugged mounts. To develop mounts that provide stability and functionality, it involves a multidisciplinary approach. This includes mechanical engineering, materials science, and thorough field testing.

For the first custom mount, the military needed a ruggedized shelf that prevents shaking and mounts a PC. We took inspiration from our Sliding Equipment Shelf's design (P/N: 1USHL-115) and made alterations to create a ruggedized mounting kit. The military provided rails, so we installed the brace kit at the back of the shelf. The bracing kit consists of brackets installed to the back of their Cannes 2.0 server rack. By integrating a bracing kit to the shelf, the front, side, and rear brackets are installed. This helps to secure the PC into place. When on a ship or on an aircraft, the mount will be able to absorb vibrations and shocks for harsh conditions when on a ship or on an aircraft. There is also no airflow obstruction to the PC, so the device will last and not overheat. For additional security purposes, this shelf kit features a card reader and door to prevent unwanted access.

As for the second custom mount, the military needed a ruggedized shelf kit for a switch. For this product, the shelf kit features a bracing kit made up of brackets. This prevents the shelf from moving up and down or moving side to side. The shelf has fixed rails, so the switch fastens into the rails. This ensures that the mounted equipment remains stable and functional. To prevent the network cables from protruding at the front of the rack, the switch also is recessed into the server rack. The shelf assembly also features a cable tray for efficient cable management.

Depending on your military needs, our engineers design custom products that go beyond workstation equipment. By prioritizing durability, functionality, and adaptability, our military mounts contribute to the success of military operations. If the prototype requires adjustments, then we immediately make revisions until the product becomes a perfect fit.

For enterprise and commercial customers, we build racks, cabinets and accessories tailored to the military’s standards. Because of our experience in multiple markets, there is much importance in efficiency along with security. With RackSolutions, you will receive a ruggedized product that lasts in the most extreme and challenging environments.

No of Employees : 14
ACN : 618 745 912
ABN : 14 618 745 912
Year of Establishment : 2016

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Managing Director:  Heath May
Sales:  Roberto Picciau


USA HQ – Innovation First International, Inc
6725 FM 1570 W
Greenville, TX, 75402

Phone: +1 903 453 0801

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