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Quoba Systems Pty Ltd


We offer custom built laser micromachining systems, process development and contract manufacturing services as well as military grade thermal and night vision equipment, “eye safe” lasers and custom opto-electro-mechanical units.

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Australia - 3163

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Laser micromachining

Quoba Systems designs and manufactures dedicated laser micromachining systems, provides process development and contract manufacturing services. Laser micromachining enables ultra-high precision and high speed processing of virtually any material including metals, ceramics, glasses, composites, crystals, plastics and other. We optimise laser processes and systems for various micromachining tasks including cutting, drilling, milling, engraving, marking, surface texturing and functionalisation, welding and more. We utilize a broad range of laser wavelengths (~250nm to ~10um) and various pulse durations (from continuous wave to ultrashort - femtosecond) to provide an optimal solution for each task.

Ultrashort pulse lasers elevate laser micromachining to a whole new level of precision, performance, and capabilities. They offer significant advantages including non-thermal material removal, ultra-high precision, burr-free machining, ability to process ultra-hard, brittle or heat sensitive materials. Ultra-short pulse laser micromachining enables large area and high speed surface texturing with micron scale or even sub-micron features, selective layer removal, tempered and non-tempered glass processing and most often eliminates or significantly reduces post-processing needs.

Laser micromachining is a rapidly growing technology offering significant advantages for semiconductor, electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace and many other industries. Its unique capabilities have also been recognised by defence especially in high precision processing of special alloys, ceramics and composite materials. Some examples include high precision hole drilling in jet turbine blades and fighter jet wings; laser surface texturing. marking, cleaning and engraving jmetal components; drilling, cutting and repairing composite materials.

Night vision and Thermal equipment

In collaboration with EU partners Quoba Systems also offers military grade thermal and night vision devices, “eye safe” lasers and custom opto-electro-mechanical units in Australia and New Zealand. Cutting-edge night vision equipment is developed by top specialist engineers with SOF guidance, ensuring optimal operation in real-field conditions. To maintain the highest MIL-standard quality, all military grade products are subjected to g-force, temperature shock, and water resistance tests. Comfort factors such as durability, equipment lightness, and intuitive UI control are kept at the highest priority.

About Quoba Systems

As an experienced partner in laser micromachining, Quoba Systems offers full support from ideation and proof-of-concept trials to delivering the final solution. Our team has a solid research background in laser microfabrication (PhD in ultrashort pulse laser processing) and hands-on experience in custom system development for semiconductor, hard disk and med-tech industries, as well as academic research. We place major focus on laser process development to deliver an optimal result followed by design and manufacturing of a custom system to satisfy production requirements. An exceptional local service is guaranteed by factory trained engineers with experience supporting ultrashort pulse laser, laser beam scanning, positioning stage and other world leading equipment manufacturers. Close business relations with major component manufacturers enable Quoba Systems to offer shorter lead times for their lasers micromachining systems.

No of Employees : 5
ACN : 640 250 157
ABN : 22 640 250 157
Year of Establishment : 2020

Key Personnel

Director:  Dr Ricardas Buividas BSc, MEng, PhD

Quality Assurance

Quoba Systems Pty Ltd is working on ISO9001:2015 certification

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