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Quoba Systems offers laser micromachining services and systems in Australia. This technology enables ultra-high precision processing of virtually any materials including metals, ceramics, glasses, composites, crystals and more.

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Laser micromachining is one of the fastest growing technologies offering high precision, non-contact microprocessing capability of virtually any material with a broad application range in various industries including medtech, tooling, watch, semiconductor, electronics, automotive, space, defence and more. 

Laser micromachining is often used where standard mechanical machining techniques cannot provide required quality, speed or are not compatible at all. Laser micromachining offers a number of advantages including non-contact, wear free processing, constant machining quality, clean processing, seamless automation, process monitoring and more. Ultrashort-pulse laser micromachining enables the highest spatial resolution processing down to single microns without melt, burr or discoloration.  

Typical processes include: 

  • micro-marking
  • micro-drilling
  • micro-cutting
  • micro-welding
  • surface texturing
  • high precision cleaning
  • volume modifications 

What we offer 

Having a solid research background in laser microfabrication, optical sensing and parts inspection as well as hands-on experience in custom system development for semiconductor, hard disk and medtech industries, we offer full support from laser process development to high-throughput production system design and contract manufacturing service and multiple options in between. 

Process development:

We offer proof of concept trials and full process development studies to validate if and how laser micromachining could advance your current manufacturing processes and accelerate your next product or service development. We collaborate with leading research organisations in Australia to develop the best solution for your application.

Contract manufacturing:

We offer contract manufacturing services starting from small scale production to full scale high-throughput fabrication. Small scale production is a great opportunity to validate laser micromachining in a production environment at lower investment cost. 

Dedicated laser micromachining systems​:

We offer dedicated laser micromachining systems designed and built to suit your technical and financial requirements. Various systems from R&D equipment to high-throughput production systems with automated sample loading / unloading are available. We also offer OEM units for integration into existing industrial production equipment. Additionally, we design and build various subsystems required for complex micromachining systems including optical inspection solutions, custom illumination, beam delivery systems and more. Close working relations with multiple equipment manufacturers helps us to offer the optimal solution for our customers. 

Why Quoba Systems

  • Full local support from idea generation to solution implementation
  • Custom systems built and tailored for specific applications
  • 10+ years experience in laser process development
  • 5+ years experience providing industrial solutions
  • Collaboration with leading research groups in Australia
  • Extensive knowledge of laser system component manufacturers
  • Open for collaboration opportunities

About us 

The company was founded by Dr. Ricardas Buividas and Dr. Adam Chrimes both of whom have PhDs in physics with significant experience in academia and high-tech industries from Australia and abroad. They have been working together since 2003 on various projects mostly developing custom laser micromachining and optical inspection systems for companies in semiconductor, hard disk and pharmaceutical industries including technology giants like Seagate, Amkor, West Pharmaceutical, Continental and more. In Australia both co-founders were mostly working on projects with universities and medical research groups developing custom laser instruments for optical excitation and sensing and also had a few projects with medtech and manufacturing companies to whom they developed customised laser micromachining systems.

No of Employees : 2
ACN : 640 250 157
ABN : 22 640 250 157
Year of Establishment : 2020

Key Personnel

Director:  Dr Ricardas Buividas
Director:  Dr Adam Chrimes

Quality Assurance

Quoba Systems Pty Ltd is working on ISO9001:2015 certification

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