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QuintessenceLabs is a world-leading quantum cybersecurity company recognized for its advanced quantum-safe data protection capabilities, helping government agencies build a quantum-resilient security posture.

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Unit 11, 18 Brindabella Cct

Canberra Airport


Australia - 2609

Phone : + 61 2 6260 4922
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Founded as Australia’s first quantum technology company in 2008, QuintessenceLabs is a world-leading quantum cybersecurity company recognized for its advanced quantum-safe data protection capabilities, offering a suite of unrivaled cybersecurity products for today and tomorrow.   

Our comprehensive and proven capabilities extend from quantum-enabled key generation, crypto-agile encryption key, and policy management to quantum key distribution (QKD), helping global enterprises and government agencies build a quantum-resilient security posture.  The company has been widely recognized for its cybersecurity innovations around the world, most recently through its selection as a World Economic Forum Global Innovator. 

QuintessenceLabs’ qStream™ high-speed full entropy quantum random number generator (QRNG) forms a core layer of all our security products. It delivers unpredictable random numbers at 1Gbit/sec, using patented quantum technology, and can be used for certificate seeding, key generation, numerical modeling and more. Coupled with the qRand™ entropy enhancer, it ensures applications always have sufficient entropy, preventing performance and security issues. 

Our flagship Trusted Security Foundation® (TSF®) is a highly capable, interoperable key and policy manager solution, tackling the toughest cybersecurity challenges. With a built-in 1Gbit/sec and FIPS-compliant hardware security module (HSM), the TSF delivers outstanding performance, availability, and integrity. 

QuintessenceLabs also offers a range of encryption solutions strengthened by the power of our quantum expertise, such as our unique qProtect™ virtual zeroization solution for mobile assets in uncontrolled environments and our integrated end-point encryption solution with our partner PKWARE.  

QuintessenceLabs is at the forefront of QKD development with our second-generation QKD technology, distributing keys protected by the laws of physics to protect data from the most advanced attacks – even quantum computers. 

Customers using these solutions include private industry and government, the financial sector, cloud storage, aerospace, and defense sectors, and those looking to enhance the protection of their sensitive data now and in the future. 

Cybersecurity is taking big steps forward, and QuintessenceLabs is ready with powerful technologies and products enhanced by quantum science. We are there to support your organization as you determine your path to quantum safety and help you put in place the solutions to address both todays and tomorrow’s security challenges.

No of Employees : 34
ABN : 26 120 853 054
Year of Establishment : 2008
Cage Code : ZONG2

Key Personnel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer:  Vikram Sharma
Chief Technical Officer:  John Leiseboer
Chief Financial Officer:   John Plummer



175 Bernal Rd, Suite 220 
San Jose, CA 95119 
Tel: +1 (650) 870-9920

Quality Assurance

We comply with ISO9001:2015 with an internal quality system, but do not maintain formal certification. 

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