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Punchtech Australia Pty Ltd


Punchtech Australia Pty Ltd is a company that specializes in the supply of products for the Sheetmetal industry. Punching tooling, bending tooling, 2D CAD/CAM Software, 3D Bending Software, Robotic Bending Software and Fasteners.

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Unit 3, 17 Swift Way

Dandenong South


Australia - 3175

Phone : + 61 3 9768 3745
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Mail : [email protected]
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Punchtech Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2003 with a goal to help sheet metal manufactures produce their products more efficiently with the right equipment, consumables, and software. We started with a focus on turret punching machines, turret punching tooling and 2D CAD/CAM software to program the punching machines.

As technology has progressed, so have our products. We now offer more advanced punching tool systems at a more reasonable price. We have partnered with some of the Best Machine Manufacturers and distributors in the industry. Sheet metal processing software: 2D CAD/CAM software, 3D bending software, 3D Robot Bending software that are at the top of their game with the focus on efficiency in both time and material usage.

We have a huge range of standard size punching tools in stock, not to mention a range of fasteners specifically for the Sheet metal industry. Self-clinching Fasteners, Rivnuts (Insertnuts) and CD Weld Studs in a variety of materials which include coated carbon steel, Aluminium and Stainless.

With our experience in the industry, we strive in helping manufacturers achieve their goals, by finding better, more efficient ways to manufacture their products.

No of Employees : 4
ACN : 111 018 930
ABN : 50 111 018 930
Year of Establishment : 2003
Post Box Number : 452
Post Box Zip Code : 3199
Post Box Locality : Frankston
Post Box Region : VIC



Ketec manufacture a range of turret punching tools for Thick turret, Thin Turret (Strippit), Trumpf and Muratec (Wiedemann). For punching holes in Sheetemtal, or creating Forms (Hinge, Emboss, Louver, Coutnersink, etc)


Metalix have a suite of software products for the Sheetmetal industry

Cnckad: a 2D CAD/CAM software for drafting, importing and generating NC programs for Turret punches, Laser cutters, Plasma Cutters, Waterjet, routers, Laser Tube cutters and more.

Autonest: links in with Cnckad to Nest all the parts required on a sheet or tube in the most efficient way possible. Saving you time and material

MBend: an offline 3D bending software helps create programs for your press brake offline while the machine is still working. Auto tool selection, Auto Sequencing, simulation, and output. It even works for Machines that do not have a CNC control.   

MRobot: does all that MBend does, with the addition of programming an attached robot cell. 

MTube: for Tube assembly processing, joint creation, part marking and exporting for cutting.

PT Fasteners

PT fasteners is our own brand of fasteners with a dedicated website:

Self-Clinching fasteners : include a range of nuts studs, standoffs, blind stand offs and more

Rivnuts: (also known as insertnuts) include a range of round body, half hex bod, full hex body, countersunk heads, reduced heads, larges flange in a variety of Thread sizes and materials.

CD Weld Studs: include a range of coated steel and Stainless steel.

Key Personnel

Director:  Jared Sharp

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