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Cavotec is a leading engineering group that designs and manufactures automated connection and electrification systems and provides services for ports, airports and industrial applications worldwide.

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Cavotec is a global player with local presence to support defence projects in Australia and New Zealand. We provide customised connection and electrification solutions, cooling and fuelling systems and other ground services and support equipment for aircraft and sea vessels.

In addition, our wide range of repair and maintenance services ensure that the systems provide maximum benefits to our customers during their whole life cycle. With some 18,000 Cavotec installations worldwide and 70 service experts located close to our customers in more than 30 countries we provide after-sales support around the clock. The services include commissioning, training, inspection and repairs, preventive maintenance, long-term service agreements, remanufacturing, upgrade and replacements.

Cavotec’s defence experience comes from developing and delivering critical application and specification equipment for defence forces around the globe.

Cavotec Australia manufactures locally motorised cable and hose reeling systems and Cavotec New Zealand is our Centre of Excellence for MoorMaster Ship Mooring Systems.


Cavotec is a leading Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and aircraft fuelling specialist, developing state-of-the-art systems for gates, remote aprons and Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) hangars for military applications. Our systems make aircraft turnaround and servicing safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Cavotec’s comprehensive range of systems meet all aircraft requirements including the New Aircraft Generation (NGA) such as the A380, B787 and A350, and military aircraft such as KC-30A, C130J, P-8A Poseidon, E-7A Wedgetail, MH60R. MRH90, F/A-18A Super Hornet, and F-35 Lightning II Fighter Aircraft. Our innovative solutions include integrated 400Hz, 270VDC and 28VDC Ground Power Units (GPU), Aircraft Power Connectors and Cables, Caddies, Cable Crocodiles, Tow Bars, Motorised Cable and Hose Coilers, Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) systems, Fuel systems, Aircraft Ground Connection (AGC) systems including in ground hatch and pop-up pits for Hardstands and MRO Hangar applications.

Powering, cooling and fuelling aircraft

Cavotec Aircraft Power Connectors and Cables are in use throughout Australia and New Zealand, in MRO Hangars, Aircraft Aprons, and on Navy ships, as well as Motorised Power Cable Reelers, Ground Power Units (GPU), Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) systems, including the in-ground fuel systems along with above ground direct fuelling pantographs.

Cavotec offers an extensive range of systems and services for commercial and military MRO hangars. Our advanced GSE systems help modern facilities to provide a complete spectrum of maintenance and overhaul services for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

We also support a wide variety of customers with the design and engineering of maintenance base layouts, including 400Hz ground power, PCA, Utility Pits and fuel exhaust systems.

Cavotec holds one of the world’s largest customer base of commercial and military MRO facilities and assembly lines. Our systems are used in Airbus A350, A380 and Boeing 787 hangars and assembly lines, at Lockheed Martin and Airbus Helicopter assembly lines, and by air forces and naval bases.

Powering Aircraft

With the Cavotec 400Hz Ground Power Units Series 2500+, we offer to the industry the ultimate 400Hz solid state frequency converter integrating the highest electrical and communication performance having the following characteristics:

     1. ISO 6858 Certification
     2. Up to 500% Overload
     3. 90kW Unity Power Factor supporting the new generation aircraft
     4. 94% efficiency ensures a reduced electricity consumption
     5. Low Input and output THD for a clean and stable power grid
     6. Robust design for ensuring a high serviceability and ROI
     7. Dual output capabilities

   •    Ground Power Units (GPU) meeting the requirements of all military aircraft, both point of use and centralised (motor generator)
        systems. Point of use systems can be ground mounted, bridge mounted, or mobile GPU. Cavotec’s Powerpack I-Connect model is a
        combination of GPU and motorised cable coiler. Weatherproof covers used by military are also available.
   •    Aircraft Jet Cable Assemblies
   •    400 Hz Connectors - XP Series (28XPV NSN: 5935-12-380-3838, 400XPV NSN: 5935-12-380-3822/ 3836/ 3838 / 1838, 400XPV-S
        NSN:5935-12-380-4155) and SP Series
   •    400Hz Aircraft Power Cable – 3 x 50, 3 x 70, 4 x 50, 4 x 70, and 7 x 35
   •    400Hz Cable Coilers, Caddies and Crocodile Systems. Cable Coilers can be gantry mounted, on ground stand, or installed within a

Aircraft Ground Connection (AGC) systems include in-ground hatch and pop-up pits for Hardstands and MRO Hangar applications, allowing easy access to all service outlets, making servicing safe and efficient with the actual service points rising above the hangar floor.

Our systems distribute 400Hz power, Pre-conditioned Air (PCA), potable and blue water, fuel and remove sewage. Connected to Cavotec 400Hz GPU or PCA, they ensure a safe, efficient and reliable powering and cooling of aircraft on the ground. Cavotec provides customised solutions for Fuel Exhaust / Tank Ventilation, Mass Flow Air, Utilities - 50Hz Power, RJ45 data, Compressed Air, and Water. Also Pedestal and Cable Rack systems are available.

Cavotec in-ground pits include hatch covers and pop ups for concrete chambers or fully self-contained steel or fibreglass chambers eliminating most of the concrete work and assures quick installation on site. Our pits can be manufactured to operate in IEC Ex Zone.

Pop-up and hatch pits are rated Load Class EN 124 F900, withstanding the toughest working environments and are suitable for in and outdoor operation, hangar or remote parking. As environmentally friendly solutions, they help contribute to the CO2 reduction program at today’s modern airports.

In-ground pits have been recognised as the most efficient and safe way to service aircraft on the ground and prevent damages to aircraft due to potential mobile Ground Service Equipment collision with the aircraft.

Cooling Aircraft

Cavotec Pre-Conditioned Air Systems (PCA) are in use to cool large military aircraft and fighter jet aircraft.

When it comes to Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA), Cavotec has developed and manufactured the widest PCA product offering, with Point of Use or centralised PCA systems, fixed or mobile units, including unique air distribution systems consisting of PCA pop-up pit or hatch pit. Cavotec ensures the guarantee of performance at Aircraft connector at all ambient conditions.

Cavotec has an installed base of 2400+ PCA worldwide installations engineered in compliance with AHM974 (Conventional PCA) and AHM997 (Sub-freezing PCA).

   •    Mobile electric DX PCA DX Series - Electrically powered with Vapour cycle Direct Expansion
   •    Point of Use DX Series PCA - Electrically powered with Vapour Cycle Direct Expansion
   •    Central PAC (AHU) PAC Series - Air Handling Unit with 1 or 2 water circuits (EGW or CW+EGW)
   •    Central DX-Hybrid PCA Arctic Series -2 cooling stages - Chilled Water + Vapour cycle Direct Expansion
   •    Central DX-Hybrid PCA Sub-Z (CW + DX) Arctic Series – 3-4 cooling stages - Chilled Water + Vapour cycle Direct Expansion
   •    Central PCAir Series - Brayton cycle – Expanded Pre-compressed Air

The air from the PCA system can be distributed to the aircraft by conventional flat hose reels or underground insulated ducting to either a pop up or hatch PCA Pit, which offer a convenient way to access and store either flat or spiral PCA hose for connection to the aircraft.

Air Distribution options are

   •    PCA Hose Basket - Flat hose stored in a basket (Bridge Mounted)
   •    PCA Manual Hose Reel - Flat hose reeled on a small carriage (Apron Mounted)
   •    PCA Hose Retriever - Motorised hose reel (Bridge Mounted)
   •    PCA Hose scissor (Ground Mounted)
   •    PCA Hatch - Hatch pit with 1 or 2 reinforced hard-drawn PCA hose(s)
   •    PCA Pop Up - Pop-up pit with 1 or 2 steel spiral reinforced PCA hose(s)

Fuelling Aircraft

Cavotec Dabico Pits are installed in commercial and military airports throughout Australia and New Zealand. These pits are designed for use with Fuel Hydrant, Water Hydrant, and Fire Hydrants Systems. Applications of these pits include Fuel Hydrants Pits, High Point and Low Point Pits, Isolation Valve Pits, Cathodic Protection Pits, Water and Fire Hydrants Pits, as well as Electrical Pits.

Cavotec's engineering and systems integration expertise has seen the Group lead the development of aviation ground fuelling solutions for military and civil applications for many years.

Cavotec has been at the forefront of providing aviation fuel hydrant system solutions since the first fuel hydrant systems were developed in the early 1960's. Cavotec fuel hydrant pit solutions enable refuelling via an underground fuel hydrant pipeline. All major airports have adopted the fuel hydrant system, reducing airport congestion, and improving safety.

Cavotec E3 Fuelling illustrates our wide fuelling portfolio engineered and manufactured based on the highest industry standards (API, TüV, STS-M, EI, UFC, UFGS).

Our fuel hydrant pits are compliant with all necessary industry standards, including EI, JIG and especially JIG Bulletin 90.

Cavotec Fuel systems include

   •    Fuel Hydrant Pit Boxes
   •    High Point and Low Point Pit Boxes
   •    Fuel Hydrant Valves, Under Hydrant Valves, High Point and Low Point assemblies
   •    Prefabricated Isolation Valve chambers
   •    Easy opening Vault Access Covers (various sizes)
   •    Cathodic Protection System Test Stations
   •    Hose free military direct refuelling arms (pantographs)

Cavotec is the market leader for hose free military direct refuelling arms (pantographs) used by military throughout the globe.

Cavotec Dabico Pit Boxes can be supplied with either waterproof Tethered, or 180 degree “Lay Flat” Hinged Lids, all with a 90T Load rating.


Cavotec designs and manufactures shore power, automated mooring, crane electrification and charging equipment for navy applications. The MoorMasterTM is an automated mooring equipment that can moor any size sea vessel in as little as 30 seconds while traditional mooring takes up to 1 hour.

Automated Mooring System, MoorMaster™

   •    Shortens vessel turnaround by cutting mooring times and increasing loading productivity
          o   Mooring and release in seconds thanks to smart and powerful hydraulics
          o   Drastically reduced vessel motion though Active Control™ technology
   •    Improves sustainability with less harmful emissions in port and increased fuel efficiency at sea
          o   Faster mooring means less use of thrusters and tugs in port
          o   Faster port turnarounds allow slow steaming
   •    Ensures safe and remote operations
          o   Vessels are moored by one operator using a remote-control system (radio and/or Wifi).
          o   Automatic adjustment to tidal and draft changes through the units’ range of motion or multi-unit stepping.
          o   Mooring forces and overall system status are monitored in real-time improving situational awareness.
          o   Ships can be repositioned in the surge axis without needing to start their engines, and without pilots or tugs.

Shore Power Systems

Cavotec has pioneered ShorePower solution. For year, Cavotec has been partnering with several naval bases and navy shipbuilders for developing ShorePower solutions in line with the demanding requirements of navy ships and ports. For instance, Cavotec PowerRange connects air-craft carriers to electricity while in ports, while Cavotec PowerReach ensure shore connection to frigates.

Connection Technologies

Cavotec also provides various connection technologies to be used at ports:

   •    Motorised Cable Reel for navy ship cranes
   •    Power Connectors (AC/DC) with Fiber optic connection for navy ships
   •    Automatic Plug-In charging system for navy ships both ship and shore side
   •    Cable Dispenser and Cable Management System for navy ships
   •    E-charging system for battery operated ships
   •    Radio Remote Controls

Industry solutions

We support customers in a wide variety of industrial sectors, such as cranes, energy, processing and transportation, surface and underground mining, and tunnelling.

Our solutions for the Industry & Mining sector include motorised cable and hose reels, Human Operator Interface (HOI) systems, Radio Remote Controls (RRC), power connectors, slip rings and spring driven cables and hose reels.

Our solutions support a broad range of industries such as defence, tunnelling, material handling, automotive, railways, wind and solar energy, automation, steel and aluminium, theatres, opera and amusement parks, construction equipment, cranes, chemicals, power plants farming and forestry.

Connection Technologies
   •    Motorised Cable and fluid Reeling systems for defence cranes and other machinery.
             o    Product of choice from many mining companies and others.
             o    Reliability – some Australian manufactured reels are still in operational approaching 50 years of service.
             o    Best in class products in terms of design and compatibility to the application and operating environment.
             o    Best in class suppliers for cables, hoses, electrical and mechanical components.
             o    Manufactured to specific standards as required.
             o    Local engineering, service and support.
             o    Range of applications – Tailored solutions to all industries (Mono spiral, Level wind and 323 Radial reels).
             o    Wide range of spare parts.
   •    Spring-driven cable reelers for defence mobile and fixed applications.
   •    Electrical Collectors and slip rings.
   •    HV & LV cables and connectors.
   •    Radio Remote Controls including EX rating.

We continually innovate and develop our technologies in all sectors to ensure that we deliver the levels of operational performance, safety and sustainability that our customers demand at all types of ports and terminals.

No of Employees : 23 (Cavotec AU) + 18 (Cavotec NZ). 764 globally.
ACN : 053 865 366
ABN : 34 053 865 366
Year of Establishment : 1974
Cage Code : Z7455

Regional Offices

Cavotec Australia
24 Garnet Way 
Maddington, WA, 6109
Phone: +61 8 9452 0044
ABN: 34 053 865 366

Cavotec New Zealand
226 Antigua Street,
Christchurch Central City,
Christchurch, 8011
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3341 1148
NZBN 9429033806198

Quality Assurance

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System,
ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System,
BS OHSAS 18001:2007 & AS/NZS 4801:2001 Health and Safety Management System

Key Personnel

Area Sales Manager - Airports, ANZ:  David Brady
M: +61 438 003 948
E: [email protected]

Area Sales Support - Airports ANZ:  Luke Sierzputowski
M: +61 407 207 525

Regional Sales Director SEA, ANZ Airports & Industry Division:  Sureskumar Sinnadurai
M: +61 477334884

Area Sales Manager - Ports and Maritime, ANZ:  Ian Birchall
M: +61 417 375 947

Service Manager, ANZ, Airports, Ports and Maritime, Industry:  Chris Bartlett
M: +61 407 379 110

Service Support, ANZ, Airports, Ports and Maritime, Industry:  Nick Lei
M: +64 21 912 136

Country Manager Australia, New Zealand, Operations Director, Cavotec New Zealand:  David Williams
M: +64 21 244 1901

Regional Sales Director - Industry, Australasia:  Stephen Glynn
M: +61 408 953 010

Regional Account Manager - Industry, Australia:  Dane Grimmond
M: +61 477 550 004

Chief Executive Officer:  Mikael Norin
Chief Commercial Officer:  Memed Üzel


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