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Bilby3D: Australian specialist in 3D printing manufactured solutions for defence, aerospace, marine, industrial, rail, and electric vehicles. Making B3D a valuable partner for the defence sector.

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Australia - 2208

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Bilby 3D is a leading provider of high-end additive manufacturing solutions for state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes. Since 2011, Bilby3D has been at the forefront of additive manufacturing solutions, sourcing innovative 3D printing technology from around the world to provide to Australian industry and manufacturers. Bilby3D has built a strong reputation in Australia and has provided additive manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries, including the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces and their partners.

Bilby 3D's core capabilities include providing additive manufacturing solutions, replacement parts, machine training and machine services. Bilby 3D has four locations across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, each with experienced additive manufacturing professionals and technical staff onsite.

Bilby 3D has extensive capabilities to provide cutting-edge manufacturing solutions including industrial high-temperature and large format 3D printers, metrology grade 3D scanners, pressure forming machinery and advanced manufacturing materials now viable for applications using modern additive manufacturing techniques.

Bilby 3D offers a range of equipment to cater to the needs of our customers, from iterative prototyping to small batch production, and has the expertise to provide a modern solution for modern manufacturing challenges. Bilby 3D provides innovative solutions creating lighter and stronger parts, reducing the number of assemblies, allowing full customisation, and saving production time for rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and jigs. Our products and services are designed to help customers streamline their prototyping and manufacturing processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Bilby 3D's expertise in 3D printing technology makes us a valuable partner for defence and aerospace organisations looking to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing. Our cutting-edge manufacturing solutions enable customers to produce complex geometries and shapes that would be difficult to produce with traditional manufacturing methods. We also provide the flexibility to produce small batch runs cost-effectively, which is particularly important for the defence industry, where production quantities are often small.

Overall, Bilby 3D's commitment to providing innovative additive manufacturing solutions, combined with our extensive experience and technical expertise, makes Bilby 3D a valuable partner for the Australian Defence Forces and other organisations looking to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing. Bilby 3D’s products and services are designed to help customers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Agile manufacturing at its best!

Key Suppliers:

Raise3D provides a range of 3D printers to suit Desktop, Commercial and Industrial uses. Known for reliability and repeatability, speed and ruggedness, most models feature open materials and offline operation. The Raise3D printers have already been used successfully in the field by Australian land and sea forces.

The entry level E2 and E2+CF machines can print engineering thermoplastics up to 300°C from PLA, PET, ABS, ASA, PC and the CF model is built to handle carbon fibre, glass and kevlar reinforced plastics. Their RMF500 is an industrial powerhouse designed for printing Nylon+Carbon Fibre at high speeds and reliability.

Their newly introduced Metal Fuse system produces full metal parts with very low porosity using 3 machines, a ruggedised 3D printer, D200 Debinding machine and S200 Sintering furnace.

The Raise3D factory is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Photocentric sell a range of resin 3D printers designed and built exclusively in the UK. Their range starts at the desktop sized LC Opus to the larger LC Magna and LC Titan with a 700 x 395 x 1200 mm build volume. Their machines accept open materials, though they are strong in materials science, developing and manufacturing their own in-house, as well as in a close partnership with BASF. They are an ISO 9001:2015 registered firm.

AON3D produce industrial high-temperature filament based machines, designed and built in Canada. The AON M2+ unlocks additive manufacturing applications with ungated access to the world’s most advanced materials, including Carbon Fiber, Nylon, PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM™. Their new Z2 Polyimide, in tests supported by The Royal Netherlands Navy’s Expertise Centre Additive Manufacturing (ECAM), the new, easy-to-3D print formulation of Polyimide provided some very interesting results: a high strength, highly isotropic AM polymer part that, even despite its minimal cross-section, withstood 432 kg of load before failure.

The AON M2+ features the largest in class build volume of 450 x 450 x 565mm. Their twin independent extruders  can extrude thermoplastics up to 500°C in a heated chamber capable of 135°C. The machines bear the RCM mark for Australia and New Zealand, and conforms to IEC 61010, IEC 60204, ISO 12000:2014, and ANSI/UL 61010-1:2017 standards, as well as the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EEC)

Shining3D supplies a range of 3D Scanners from small and simple handheld units to highly accurate sophisticated metrology grade units. These can be used in the field with a quality notebook and power pack, without an internet connection. The company has obtained ISO9001.

Mayku is a UK based company, specialises in advanced desktop vacuum and pressure forming solutions for industry. The Mayku Multiplier is a cutting-edge pressure forming machine offered by Mayku, which is designed to create ultra precise moulds with very high levels of detail quickly and efficiently, enabling users to replicate complex shapes with ease. The working area is 380mm diameter and 160mm high. It accepts open materials to 5mm thick, though Mayku supplies ABS, PET, PMMA, UHMW and EVA flexible


Bilby3D distributes the best materials from around the world suited to the machines we supply.

Kimya (an offshoot of Armor) is a French company developing custom materials, as well as off the shelf product using their own base materials of those from reputable suppliers like Arkema and Sabic. They have product certifications across many of their products, including UL94 and FAR 25.853 (aerospace) flame retardance, and FDA 21 CFR  for food contact. Their range includes PETG+CF, ABS+Kevlar, PEEK, PEKK, PEI (Ultem) and PEBA

Spectrum is a European filament producer with a wide range of materials and consistent RAL colours, including camo colours. Each spool has a QR code giving you online access to the extrusion data for that individual spool. They have 85A and 90A flexible TPU, flexible PETG, a highly popular modified ASA which is far superior to ABS, with UV and chemical resistance, tough ABS and more.

BASF / Forward AM provides Bilby3D with both liquid resins and filament from everyday to engineering and industrial, with a high level of technical data and full compliance. Their range includes their 316L and 17-4-PH Stainless metal filaments for the Raise3D metal system.

Zetamix by Nanoe in France provide sintering filaments for the Raise3D metal system, 316L stainless, H13 tool steel, Zirconia and Alumina ceramics, including one developed to forming highly specialised RF antennas.

3DXtech is an American company specialising in high grade engineering materials, especially those containing Carbon Fibre for ultimate rigidity and light weight.

No of Employees : 12
ACN : 168 376 538
ABN : 84 168 376 538
Year of Establishment : 2011

Key Personnel

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director:  Chris Bilby


Bilby 3D Sydney
Unit 7, Kingsgrove Business Centre
192 Kingsgrove Rd Kingsgrove NSW 2208
T: +61 2 8197 3928

Bilby3D Melbourne
Factory A5,  2A Westall Rd Clayton VIC 3168
T: +61 3 8080 1200

Bilby3D Brisbane
Shop 2,  474 Edward St Spring Hill QLD 4000
T: +61 7 3135 9813

Bilby3D Perth
Unit 3, 158 Francisco St Belmont WA 6104
T: +61 8 9334 5222

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