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Bennett Machine Tools (BMT) was founded by David Bennett and established in 2009. BMT supply and install USI Italia Spray Booths throughout New Zealand and Australia, as well as a range of Telwin welders and accessories, and Blackhawk equipment.

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2 Belgium Rd



New Zealand - 2340

Phone : + 64 9 239 1283
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Mail : [email protected]
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Bennett Machine Tools (BMT) offers the latest USI Italia spray booths.

The USI Chronotech EPS spray booth controls airflow and heat to suit the specific job being processed, achieving the fastest and most cost-effective cycle, developed for spraying water- and solvent-borne paints with settings for plastic, carbon fibre and aluminium operations.

The USI DGT Management system analyses the costs of each job processed, giving a much clearer view of all spraying and drying operations, not only on each job but also for each individual user.

The DGTouch control panel can connect you directly to USI Italia Customer Service via internet access. Exclusive supervision software enables support for technicians to make quick and efficient diagnoses of equipment status.

the USI Chronotech EPS spray booth is recognised worldwide as number one in the field of paint curing that increases both productivity and efficiency, giving the ability to minimise drying times significantly and contributing to higher sales and profits for body shops. The Chronotech is built to Australian standards 4114/2003, are waterborne standards approved and direct fired.

The Blackhawk Heavy Duty Korek is used for repairing frame damage on commercial vehicles in combination with mobile hydraulic posts, pulling sets, hydraulic jack stands and accessories. It can be used for all types of commercial vehicles: trucks, buses, semi-trailers, containers, and all types of agricultural vehicles.

There are several components, starting with a modular frame system consisting of several basic elements that can be combined to obtain the required frame size. The posts (10 and 20 tonnes) are used for pulling and pushing and are inserted into the slots of the frame and mounted onto roller bearings, allowing them to be moved around the frame. They are fixed in the pulling position with wedges. The 10-tonne post has a pulling height of up to four metres for cabs. Other components include 23 and 30 tonne hydraulic stands with variable heights for pushing and countering, hydraulic push/pull sets, electrohydraulic and air-hydraulic pumps, and numerous accessories (hooks, pulleys, chains and more).

No of Employees : 5
Year of Establishment : 2009

Key Personnel

Managing Director:  David Bennett

Quality Assurance

CM3 approved


PO Box 699
Virginia BC
Brisbane QLD 4014

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