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Automated Solutions Australia (ASA)


ASA is a robotics systems integrator who works with businesses improve their global competitive position by designing, engineering and integrating flexible robotised solutions.

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Shop 2, 80 Hogarth Rd

Elizabeth South


Australia - 5112

Phone : + 1800 762 687
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Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is a privately owned, wholly Australian company, focused on bringing world class robotic technology to the Australian industry. ASA offers complete integration management from inception to completion by designing, installing, and integrating a solution, as well as offering training and ongoing maintenance services to end users. ASA strives to be an integrated part of their customers’ success and is equipped to identify where best practice from around the world can be implemented to improve the cost, quality, throughput and robustness of a given process. Through their extensive experience, ASA will help your organisation:

     •     Find your competitive edge with increased reliability and quality
     •     Reduce System Downtime
     •     Decrease Process Cycle Time
     •     Reduce Labour and Material Costs
     •     Remove workers from potentially hazardous tasks / environments


ASA has vast experience and capabilities in system design and integration utilising FANUC Robots, delivering successful outcomes to a range of companies globally.

The integration of applications on today’s assembly lines is an increasingly complex challenge. Engineers must simultaneously drive for higher quality, lower piece costs, and an overall reduction in the amount of waste generated at the point source of origin. And all of this must be completed with limited capital funding.


ASA’s customer base is focused on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Tier #1 Suppliers to this industry across the globe. ASA’s clients work in a diverse range of industries including,

     •     Automotive
     •     Defence
     •     Aerospace
     •     Machined & Fabricated Metals
     •     Food & Beverage
     •     Foundry
     •     Consumer Goods & Electronics
     •     Energy

No of Employees : 25
ACN : 101 355 104
ABN : 12 272 258 904
Year of Establishment : 2002
Post Box Number : GPO Box 1090
Post Box Zip Code : 5001
Post Box Locality : Adelaide
Post Box Region : SA

Key Personnel

Director:   Pat Green
General Manager - Domestic Projects:  Nathan Jones

Our People

Founded in 2002, ASA operates nationally from our warehouse and office facilities in Adelaide and Melbourne. ASA strives to earn the trust of our customers, forming lasting partnerships in productivity, profitability and performance. Through careful selection of our staff members, ASA has brought together decades of experience in robotic systems engineering and integration across a diverse range of industries and applications.

ASA’s Automation Engineers, Industrial Designers, and Project Management team specialise in controls, process and installation engineering servicing customers across all states of Australia and across the globe.

ASA continues to make a significant ongoing investment in product, process and support training for its personnel. Our success is underpinned by our people having a flexible, adaptive and proactive nature and a general willingness to get the job done. It is our people that are our true point of differentiation.

ASA’S Strengths

  • Excellent technical staff with strong knowledge of industry and global experience
  • Excellent relationships with existing customers and partners in the productivity, profitability and performance of their organisation
  • High levels of customer satisfaction through responsiveness to breakdowns, flexibility to work around production schedules
  • Excellent customer retention rates through repeat business by existing customers
  • 24/7 support via our 1800 ROBOTS number


Through a highly rigorous selection process, we have brought together a team with decades of experience in robotic applications, both here and abroad. ASA has experience integrating robot systems of all sizes for many companies across the general manufacturing sector and is Australia’s premium provider of painting automation solutions.

Material Removal

Polishing, cutting, grinding, deburring, deflashing, polishing, trimming, sanding

Machine Tool Tending

Lathes, mills and multi function CNC machines, grinders and thread grinding machines, machine loading/unloading.

Materials Handling

Pick and place, palletising, packaging, part transfer or assembly.

Surface Preparation

Shot blast, glass bead and grit blast of metals, plastics and composites.

Fibreglass and Gelcoat

Marine (hulls, decks, hatches, boats), tanks, bath ware (tubs and shower stalls).


Rail and pedestal mounted spot welding units, spot welding of automotive panels and assorted parts, MIG welding.

Dispensing and Sealing

Poly Urethanes, Silicone, Windscreen Urethane , 1 and 2 component materials, Liquid Applied Sound Dampening (LASD), structural foam applications, interior seam sealer, PVC anti-chip coatings.

Paint Process

Solvent borne, Waterborne, 1-component, 2-component, and 3-component materials. Applications include passenger vehicles, Class 8 truck, bus and motorcycle manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers and general industry paint applications such as wheels, mirror housings, and hang on components. Plastics painting, including those using conductive primer. Electrostatic & non-electrostatic applications.


Our solutions are designed with a focus on improving throughput, quality, and productivity, whilst providing a quick return on investment, and removing workers from potentially hazardous tasks. Through an integrated approach, we strive to earn the trust of our customers through excellence, integrity, responsiveness and respect. At ASA, we bring world’s best practice to the market to provide total project management, customised system integration and design, or support of your existing automated facilities. The services we offer include Needs Analysis, Process Studies, Project Engineering, Workcell Modelling, Offline Programming Simulation, Training, Preventative Maintenance.

Needs Analysis

  • Identification of opportunities to improve cost, quality, piece price, throughput and robustness in your manufacturing processes
  • Discovery of bottle necks, constraints imposed by batch processing, issues with environmental compliance, manufacturing flexibility limitations, and areas where material usage can be optimised.

Process Studies

  • Examination and deep dive into every step of your manufacturing process.
  • Determination of where the most significant amounts of time are lost and how these time periods can be improved, shortened and made more efficient using automation and robotics.

Project Engineering

  • Evaluation of existing processes and provision of a plan for automation
  • Innovative cell designs to transition into production with limited lost production time.  
  • Overall project management for turnkey solutions

Work cell Modelling and Offline Programming Simulation

  • Determination of robot configurations and critical factors and limitations in a virtual world.
  • Visualisation of the product, and its effect on the manufacturing capability, likely cycle times and potential material usage, before the investment is made.


  • Customisation to your site through a detailed analysis of your team’s needs and deficiencies
  • Specialist training materials and instruction for programming, electrical and mechanical maintenance, troubleshooting and safe equipment operation.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Provision of onsite support
  • Annual servicing to ensure your robots remain in optimal condition, helping to increase performance and reliability over their lifetime.
  • Forecasting potential issues that may be developing
  • Greasing and Battery replacements
  • Cable wear inspection and counter measures
  • Checks for excessive wear and backlash measurement to ensure motion repeatability


Automated Solutions Australia (Melbourne)
Unit 2, 13-21 Thomas St
Yarraville VIC 3013

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