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ATS – Australian Target Systems Pty Ltd


ATS is Australian Veteran owned and operated, supporting essential preparation of the Military and Police for the rigors of complex threats through delivering the most advanced immersive live fire training environments in the world.

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ATS’ relationship with the Australian Defence Force commenced in 1954, when the Company Owner Mr Kenneth Gillam, a veteran of both Tobruk and New Guinea campaigns of World War II, created the world’s first electronic pop-up target. Since then the Company has worked side by side with the ADF, continually innovating and developing world leading electromechanical targetry systems such as the Disappearing and Re-appearing Target (DART) and the Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) System. These innovations continue to be the basis of design for all live fire targetry systems currently on the market. ATS has also been intimately involved with Defence in Range Design with the current Marksmanship Training Range (MTR) and Group and Zero Ranges products of ATS collaboration.

Since the 1950’ a lot has changed in the world. What has not changed is ATS' relentless pursuit of excellence in live fire range and targetry systems design, systems integration and innovation, and enduring maintenance and repair support. ATS ensures that the live fire range and targetry systems of the ADF and Police Services are fit for purpose and future proofed for the conduct of realistic live fire training.

Our Core Business as a wholly Australian Veteran owned and operated company, is always focused upon supporting Australian servicemen and women for the challenges of operational environments to achieve the most realistic and professional outcomes. We support Australians with Australians with over 85% Australian Industry Content in what we deliver. To achieve this objective ATS has established itself as a leader in supporting essential organisational outcomes for the rigors of live fire training and demanding operational environments.

A thorough understanding of the Training Need helps us ensure that the training capability is fit for purpose. From the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) a disciplined Systems development and approach is used to delivery of Training Capability Outcomes for the customer. The capability outcome is achieved through delivery by our professional and experienced team, then maintained and operated for the life of the capability solution for the Combatant. This whole of life cycle approach is focussed on delivering realism using world leading targetry systems integration and quality components to deliver the sovereign capability training outcome to Australia. These outcomes are enabled through combining the skills of ex-military professionals with the highly skilled systems, software and hardware engineers to integrate leading edge live fire training systems to deliver the world's most advanced immersive training environment for both individual and collective training requirements.

ATS’ continues to grow in capability and capacity providing full spectrum live fire training systems, products and services to the ADF, Police and International clients. These services include range design input, systems development and integration, project management, installation, operations and maintenance services. ATS national maintenance footprint delivers all live fire range maintenance services for ADF Ranges. ATS has developed a large network of supply-chain partners, both in Australia and Internationally, whose targetry system components are to the standards and quality that both we and our client's demand. This commitment to excellence, quality and performance ensures that our integrated systems deliver exceptional capability performance, reliability and value for the life of the capability. ATS’ expertise in technical range design, integration of systems to deliver fit for purpose training environments, and a nationwide service and repair capability provides Australia with a Sovereign Industry Capability.

ATS has expanded it’s capability to deliver its expertise the wider domestic and international customer base as military, police and other government organisations seek to evolve their capabilities to meet the demands of an increasingly lethal and complex threat environment. ATS works as a trusted industry partner at the national strategic level to deliver fully integrated live fire capability outcomes aimed at enhancing the judicious lethality and survivability of close combatants. The capabilities provided by the global ATS team, is delivering as a program Targetry Capability Systems Integrator, integration and installation of targetry systems for the world’s largest range projects.

ATS continues to support the end user through creating innovative live fire training environments which can be created, managed and analysed through ATS’ intelligent Range Management System (iRMS). iRMS enables the user to create an adaptable spectrum of evolving training activities, collect and analyse performance data and enhance realism in training in a safe environment. iRMS maintains the principle of the intimate relationship between the firer and the target is at the core of developing the training environment.

The ATS approach is based on developing, designing, building and using the best live fire training systems available in the world to develop a fully integrated capability solution that meets the exacting requirements of the end user.

ATS – Australia’s Shooting Range Experts.

No of Employees : 65
ACN : 101 765 502
ABN : 49 101 765 502
Year of Establishment : 2002
Cage Code : ZAZ45

Quality Assurance

ATS maintains certification to ISO9001:2015, Certificate Number QMS41727

Key Personnel

Chief Operating Officer:  Gavin Gray
Chief Finance Officer:  Michael Pope
General Manager:  Anthony Crilly

ATS operates both Nationally and Internationally from the following locations:

  • Canberra ACT / Queanbeyan NSW, Australia – Headquarters.
  • Albury NSW, Australia – Products and Services.
  • Brisbane QLD, Australia – Repair and Maintenance Workshop.
  • Townsville, QLD, Australia – Repair and Maintenance Workshop.
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – Middle East Headquarters.

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