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Aerobond Pty Ltd


Aerobond specialises in aircraft structural component production and maintenance.

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19 James Schofield Dr

Adelaide Airport


Australia - 5950

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Aerobond is a privately-owned Advanced Composite & Metalwork company and your independent business partner.

Aerobond has extensive, CASA approved, production and maintenance capability, offering specialist component services to the military, civil operators and OEM’s.

Aerobond’s rapid response service is available for prototype solutions, manufacture and component repair.

Aerobond focuses on problem solving to provide production and design solutions for our customers. We work closely with our partner organisations to exchange ideas, provide guidance, verification and certification for a broad range of composite and metalwork projects.

Our service includes manufacture of prototypes and structural composite products with high end applications, focusing on one-offs and small quantities of custom-built units to meet customer specification.

At Aerobond we place high value on our quality craftsmanship and our brand, which has been built on our reputation for quality and responsiveness.

No of Employees : 26
ACN : 143 152 550
ABN : 72 143 152 550
Year of Establishment : 2010
Post Box Number : 92
Post Box Zip Code : 5950
Post Box Locality : Export Park
Post Box Region : SA


Advanced Composites
Aerobond works with epoxy-based laminating systems combined with Aramid, Glass, Carbon, Quartz and Hybrid type fibres. Various techniques including use of Prepregs, Resin Infusion and Wet Layup, depending on customer product requirements.

Radome Testing & Overhaul
Aerobond carries out overhaul and testing of many different types of radomes. Capabilities include but are not limited to radomes fitted on the Embraer 170/190, Saab 340, Bombardier Dash 8 (all types), BAE 146, ATR, Fokker 50/70/100, Airbus & Boeing series and select military aircraft. We perform full scale repairs, including replacement of diverter strips and painting.

Our in-house capability for radome transmission testing in accordance with MOPS-Minimum Operational standards of RTCA-DO213 and most OEM requirements, coupled with overhaul capability means your radome is in good hands.

Specialist Metalwork
Aerobond’s specialist structures team are expert at taking on those difficult or hard to resolve jobs. We are focused and diligent in delivering a considered and skilled solution.

Aerobond’s CASA Approval and welding facility enables us to offer production and repair capability across all metal types including aluminium, stainless, steel, Inconel, and titanium. Our welding technicians are experienced in welding all types of metal aircraft components across both military and civil applications.

Aerobond has a dedicated painting facility, which enables us to finish our projects with quality and integrity. Whether your painting job is an Airbus rudder, Embraer 190 fairing, Boeing 737 radome or smaller parts like brackets or flight controls, Aerobond is your finishing partner.

Our paint shop is equipped to clean, sand, mix, paint and polish. We are equipped to work with special materials, such as Anti-Static paint (surface measurement included), Anti Erosion paint and metallic effect paint.

Special Processes
Aerobond are able to offer special processes including heat treatment, machining, production and repair of plastics, protective treatments and manufacture and repair of COTS (commercial off the shelf) parts.

Test Procedures
Aerobond’ CASA Approved testing capabilities include non-destructive testing - liquid penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and radiographic.

In addition, we are able to carry out pressure testing of pipes and ducts. We will source specific test methods or capabilities to meet the requirements of the job if we cannot offer them in-house.

Field Services
Aerobond’s field service teams are available at short notice to assist customers with structural repairs during overnight stops or other planned groundings.

AOG Service
Aerobond has a reputation for providing high quality solutions in a short time frame. We stand by our service and will aim to meet and wherever possible, exceed your expectations.

Aerobond is CASA Approved to carry out composite, sheet metal and welding manufacture and repairs in accordance with our range of certificates, including:

  • CASA Production Approval 806502-1
  • CASA Part 145 Maintenance OrganisationApproval 1-TDR9X
  • CASA CAR 30 Maintenance Approval 1-QSKI9

Production Capability

  • Aerobond can manufacture Class III Aeronautical Product for on demand parts, to be installed on a particular aircraft or aeronautical product.
  • Sheet Metal & Tubular Products
  • Welded Products
  • Machined Ferrous & Non Ferrous Products
  • Composite Products (excluding 3D Printing and the use of an Autoclave)
  • Interior Trim, Soft Coverings & Carpets + Straps, Nets & Stowage Bags
  • Decals, Placards & Labels

Maintenance Capability
Aerobond has an extensive capability list covering almost all structural and affiliated components from the following C Rating categories.

  • C1 Air-conditioning & Pressurisation 
  • C3 Communications & Navigation 
  • C4 Doors & Hatches
  • C5 Electrical Power
  • C6 Equipment & Furnishings
  • C7 Engine & APU System Products C8 Flight Control Systems
  • C9 Fuel Systems
  • C10 Helicopter Rotors
  • C12 Hydraulic Systems
  • C13 Instruments
  • C14 Landing Gear Systems
  • C15 Oxygen Systems
  • C16 Propellers
  • C17 Pneumatic Systems
  • C18 Protection Ice/ Rain/ Fire
  • C19 Windows
  • C20 Structural Repairs & Modifications

Quality Assurance

CASA PART 21 Production Approval 806502-1
CASA PART 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval 1-TDR9X
CASA CAR 30 Maintenance Approval 1-QSKI9

Key Personnel

Managing Director:  Justin Struik
Operations Manager:  Bronwyn Coles

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