Minister's Message

Australian Minister for Defence Message

Senator the Hon Marise Payne
Minister for Defence, Australia

As a large nation with a relatively small population, the Government recognise that our Defence Force must be at the cutting edge of technology. This means working side-by-side with Australian industry to foster the innovation needed to ensure our armed forces are amongst the best equipped and supported in the world.

I am impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of Australia’s defence industry and the Turnbull Government is committed to ensuring strong and sustainable defence sector. The Defence Industry Policy Statement, released in conjunction with the 2016 Defence White Paper and Integrated Investment Program, details the Turnbull Government’s plan to transform the Defence-industry relationship. The Government’s measures are designed to maximise industry’s innovation potential and to ensure Defence can benefit from some of the cutting edge capabilities being developed right here in Australia.

One of the key initiatives of the Industry Policy Statement is the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, which will work with small-to-medium enterprises to develop skills, drive innovation, increase competitiveness and export opportunities.

The Centre will not only ensure that industry knows what capabilities Defence requires so it can plan and invest accordingly, but it will also help Defence indentify  what capabilities, technologies and solutions industry can deliver.

The Defence Integrated Investment Program is a fully-costed, 10-year program that gives industry more certainty about Defence’s future projects and priorities.  

The information contained in this directory will assist you to innovate, partner, collaborate, and contribute to Australia’s security.



Senator the Hon Marise Payne

Minister for Defence

Parliament House, Canberra ACT


New Zealand Minister of Defence Message

Hon Mark Mitchell
Minister of Defence, New Zealand

The New Zealand Government’s 2016 Defence White Paper set out the Government’s defence policy objectives and how the New Zealand Defence Force will be structured and equipped to deliver on those objectives out to 2030 and beyond.

It builds on and where necessary adjusts our defence priorities and reinforces our commitment to making independent policy decisions consistent with New Zealand’s values and interests.

It has set the scene for ongoing investment by Government in replacing existing defence capabilities, and developing new capabilities. 

To enable the Defence Force to conduct the wide range of tasks we need from them, in an equally wide range of environments, the New Zealand Government is investing NZ$20 billion out to 2030 in modernising existing capabilities and investing in new ones.

These initiatives and others we’re working on will ensure that New Zealand continues to have the defence capability it needs to protect New Zealand, support our ally Australia and partners in the South Pacific, and make a meaningful contribution to security in Asia and globally.

The Defence Capability Plan, with its detailed investment plans, and release of the Industry Engagement Strategy in November 2016 provide certainty as engagement takes place with businesses that have the potential to deliver the required solutions for the Defence Force and Government.

Opportunities identified in the earlier Optimising New Zealand Industry Involvement in the New Zealand Defence Sector report are reflected in this work.

It’s clear that maintaining defence capability requires an ongoing partnership approach between the Government’s defence agencies and industry. We have given industry access to more information than ever before, with details of our anticipated spending and indicative timing for these major capital projects. Industry can plan for the requirements that will be placed on any successful supplier, and have confidence to explore partnerships with others across the sector. 

A survey of industry representatives at the end of 2016 indicates that relationships are working well between Defence and prime contractors. There is confidence in the quality of knowledge that our Defence personnel have, and strong satisfaction that industry can access these people. As hoped, the survey identified areas where additional effort and tools may result in further improvements, including earlier points of contact and additional time during tendering processes.

New Zealand Defence agencies will focus on further engagement and collaboration with industry, particularly local industry. Defence is working to improve access to information, adding to opportunities created through industry briefings and open days, and additional tools and templates to make it easier for vendors to provide accurate and useful information. Resources such as this directory will continue to be an important reference tool as well.

Ultimately, our investment in Defence is about giving our most important asset – our people – the tools they need to do their job. I’m incredibly proud of the work the men and women in the New Zealand Defence Force are doing around the world, and the Government will continue to back them to make the world a more secure and stable place.


Hon. Mark Mitchell

Minister of Defence

Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160